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  • "The strain of being in debt is unbelievable and it was beginning to affect my health. Lewis Alexander took the stress away and I now feel that I can see a future again. I cannot thank Lewis Alexander enough for the help and guidance I have been given over the past months. The support and advice I received was exceptional. I would recommend Lewis Alexander Financial Management to anyone struggling with personal debt problems."......David, Manchester (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "I found Lewis Alexander to be very professional and very easy to contact and very easy to deal with. I felt they were being very honest and open with me in telling me what we should do without wanting any money from me up front. Through no fault of your own you can land in circumstances like this and it’s very easy to do. They have been really wonderful with us, my wife and I could not be happier with Lewis Alexander.".....John, Carnoustie (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "Recently, my husband passed away. I was left with all the bills and only my wage. I found your company through a friend, your debt help and confidential advice helped me regain control and look ahead. Many thanks to all at Lewis Alexander for your kind support through a most difficult time in my life."....Mrs Tabert, Cumbria (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "I called for debt help and my debt advisor explained everything. No forms to fill out and your staff were very friendly. You obviously understand how to help people clear debt. I am clear of debt now after making one monthly repayment for 2 years. You did what your staff said you would to clear my debts!" ....Mrs Rigg, London (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "Before I contacted your I was not sure about an IVA because advice I had previously obtained warned me against the IVA. Your advisor explained the clear benefits of the IVA against debt management and bankruptcy. I was most relieved to choose the IVA and would like to thank you for making sure your staff are trained to allow people to make their own decisions based on your sound and clear IVA debt consolidation advice."....Mr Price, Chester (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "To all at Lewis Alexander" I have now reached the end of my debt repayments and I cannot thank your company enough for your service and assistance. Your kind support and help when I was at a very low point in my life has enabled me to push through to a stable and happier financial life now. Whilst I had one key contact throughout this time I would also like to thank all of the Lewis Alexander team as I am sure they have touched on my case when required and continue to help others in the same situation. Many many thanks"....Mrs Rostren, Plymouth (Client Review & Testimonial)

  • "I was refused debt consolidation loans and no company seemed to listen. You gave me one person to speak to all the way through dealing with your company. My advisor handled the letters from all my creditors. It eased the pressure just knowing someone was at the end of the phone. I would certainly recommend you."....Mrs Shayle, Lancs (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "My debts are well managed and I am sleeping again. Thanks for all your debt help and support. I now have the relief of no more horrible letters and calls from the credit card companies. My debts were such a problem now I have money for the things I am used to paying for with my overdraft or credit cards."      ....Mr Granger, N.Shields (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "Loan companies had told me that I was going to get a loan but never actually came though with one.  Lewis Alexander told me exactly what I qualified for from my first contact with my advisor and I can't thank you enough for your personal debt consultants advice."....Miss Trelsky, Kent (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "When i decided to get advice on my debts I found the Lewis Alexander website helpful and encouraging. No condescension or blame but clear advice on what options I had. They dealt direct with my creditors and drafted an individual plan for me to repay on a suitable time frame for me. It was a great relief for me to get their friendly advice and to have them on my side to look after my interests."....Mr J. C, Spain (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "Lewis Alexander were very professional and offered clear helpful advice, they have provided ongoing support when needed always returning calls / emails and kept me informed with regular updates as appropriate, I would highly recommend the services of Lewis Alexander based on my own experience of them."....Mr G. B, Scotland (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "I found Lewis Alexander Financial Management not only to be experts when it came to all the knowledge of debt collectors but also to be a very supportive and understanding group of people who really understand the worry and stress these credit organizations can create for an individual when faced with this sort of situation. I became calm again after many months of worry; this was after discussions with my advisor at Lewis Alexander about how i felt and what I should or should not do in regards to threatening letters and calls. If it was not for Lewis Alexander I would have taken another debt consolidation loan to try and stop the barrage of communications I was getting.  I would recommend Lewis Alexander to anyone who really finds themselves being unfairly treated within a personal debt situation. Many thanks to you, Lewis Alexander Financial Management."....Mr Jason B, Plymouth (Client Review & Testimonial)
  • "I would recommend Lewis Alexander to anyone who needs smart, accurate debt help and financial advice. I have received stress free advice and support and have enjoyed many a good nights sleep since I chose Lewis Alexander to help me become debt free. I am almost there and can honestly say that I have not had to worry about my credit card debts whilst I have been on this journey, as Lewis Alexander have taken care of everything for me, from dealing with creditors to keeping me updated on a regular basis. I have also received advice about rebuilding my credit score as I am soon to become debt free, what a great feeling!"....Miss W. Allen, London (Client Review & Testimonial)

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