Debt Management Service - National TV Adverts

  • Our TV advertisements are regularly run on national television in the UK.  We think they emphasises the parts of our debt management service that people find important.

We have a message we need to get out and television is the UK's No.1 leisure activity!

  • Please view our personal debt TV adverts below.
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  • Television provides a rich visual impact that no other medium can deliver and which creates popular culture and talked about events.
  • It is also the most enjoyed activity above and beyond other media*. This may sound surprising in a world of ever increasing ways to occupy our time however we still tune in for an average of 28.2* hours per week.
  • It has the ability to actively engage millions of viewers at the same time like no other medium can achieve.
  • On average there are 4 million admissions to the cinema each week, yet ITV1 alone reaches 27 million viewers a day.
  • Television is the most powerful medium!

* 67% of Adults enjoy television the most, compared to 15% for radio, 11% for newspapers and 7% for the internet. Ipsos Quest.

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