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On October 31, 2009, in News, by Lewis Alexander
  • Do you need help to clear debts in the UK?
  • Are you struggling with your monthly repayments?
  • Refused loans to consolidate personal debt?

At Lewis Alexander we understand how personal debt problems can impact on your daily life and we offer help and assistance to clear your debts without another loan.  You do NOT need to take on further credit or loans to clear credit card debts or other unsecured credit agreements.

You can start by exploring proven debt solutions such as a Debt Management Plan or IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement).

Debt solutions such as bankruptcy are usually the last to be considered and also the most severe! Please remember that you should not pay debt companies for advice about how to clear personal debts.

There are many different ways of finding free help to clear debts, many sites online will offer information that when put together, gives you a broad but at times detailed explanation of solutions available to clear personal debt.

  • Should you really trust the companies you owe money to when looking for help to clear debts?

Help to clear debts in the UK is usually chargeable when you use the services of a debt management company or Insolvency Practitioner that you would be expected to make repayments via a third party, other than when starting one of those two options, no individual should be asking you to part with any money unless you owe it directly to them.

  • It is very important that people consider all options available when obtaining help to clear debts!

Apart from the main 4 solutions (debt management plans, bankruptcy, Consolidation loans and Insolvency)  there are no magic ways of wiping out debt, unenforceable credit agreements do exist but not in the numbers that some companies are advertising!

  • Debt management should only be entered into with the right company, do your homework!
  • An IVA should only be entered into with a licensed insolvency practitioner
  • A loan to clear debt should only be taken from a licensed credit broker
  • Bankruptcy is entered into through your local county court

Be careful of being charged upfront fees for help to clear debt and services that may not even exist, some companies are charging people for loan applications to clear debts and these people are finding that loans are still not available to them, even though a  fee has been paid!

Should you wish to discuss you personal financial issues with a trained personal debt advisor and simply need help to clear debt, please call our free from a landline personal debt helpline using 0800 018 6868, our staff are UK based, lines are open 24 hours /7 days a week and your call is FREE.  All calls are dealt with in confidence.

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National TV Advert

On October 29, 2009, in News, by Lewis Alexander
  • Our national TV advert for personal debt management help and advice in the UK.
  • Clear debts without a loan is the name of the advert, we did not spend much on producing the advert, we prefered to spend on showing it.  We are proud of how it gets our message over without having to have spent a small fortune.  This benefits our clients by helping us keep our costs down.
Debt Help Service

Our National TV Advert for Debt Management Plans

Call today for free debt help and advice if you are struggling with any personal debt issues using 0800 018 6868

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Debt Helpline UK – Enquiries Doubled!

On October 29, 2009, in News, by Lewis Alexander

Lewis Alexander, the personal debt consolidation service based in Manchester England, reports that calls to the debt helpline they offer have doubled for the months of September / October 2009 when compared to previous years.

The “credit crunch” has obviously been the contributing factor of changes in circumstance for most people within the UK over the last 18 months.  Many people will just carry on and find new or alternative employment where for others, it is much harder to do so.

This can be down to several factors such as age, ability, health, stress, depression, location etc.

Most calls received by Lewis Alexander on their personal debt helpline are from people who have recently suffered a change in circumstance and need initial advice on how to deal with personal debt based on the change they personally have suffered.

  • The main advice to take on board is that all priority debts such as Rent, Mortgages (including secured home loans), Council Tax, Electricity, Gas and Water are paid, or at least the companies are contacted by the individual to make new and possibly reduced payment arrangements for the short term future!
  • Many credit companies and lenders will not offer this advice freely to the debtor and they put extra pressure on the situation that legally need not be there. Due to the way priority debts are structured under the consumer credit act, consumers must honour these first!

For more detailed advice regarding a change in personal circumstance, please conatact one of our trained debt advisors today in total confidence.  Our lines are open and your call is FREE from a landline, call 0800 018 6868

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