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On January 28, 2010, in News, by Lewis Alexander
  • Did you see the Tonight programme by ITV about reducing monthly outgoings and repayments?
  • Martin was explaining how to save money by cutting back on items in your household expenditure!

Due to rises in fuel prices and the general cost of living, most people are finding it difficult to manage or reduce monthly payments that they have.

There is a point where some people find they cannot cut back any further.

Without the programmes enthusiasm in your front room, how can you implement the same money saving ideas and stick to them. One thing that was mentioned was the “impulse buy”, items bought out of a want, not a need!

  • Fed up of having no money left at the end of the month after paying all the bills?

There are a great number of ways to save money each month and the following are just a few;

  • Change Electricity or Gas supplier
  • Change Internet provider
  • Change Telephone provider
  • Change or reduce TV subscriptions
  • Change Supermarkets
  • Do not make impulse purchases only buy when you need to!
  • Change Clothes Shops
  • Change Petrol Station
  • Change your car
  • Change your Ways!!!

It is okay having this information but acting on it is very hard, sometimes it can take a massive effort as all the changes are a shock to the system.

We say this because when you have to cut back it can seem like a drastic change in lifestyle as you are used to buying luxury items that are not needed, this comes from emotional or impulse purchases, the money you used could have been used to clear other bills but the control is what was lacking.

Once you have impulse purchases under control, changes to your living expenses as mentioned above should start to have a positive impact on your weekly or monthly budget and ongoing expenditure. You should find you are reducing payments and other costs leaving you with more of a disposable income, the money you have left over each month after paying bills and all living costs.

Saving money can start with little things like where you buy your lunch each day or how you make it. Save on holidays, cars, nights out, clothes etc..

Life will seem strange but you will get used to it and then you can start a fresh!

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