• free credit report UK from ExperianAfter the announcement of the sale of BeatThatQuote to Google, the financial and seo blogosphere has become a wash with predictions on the real reasoning behind the £37 million acquisition by Google.
  • In a world of increasing speculation we all have an idea of what the real reasoning behind a sale like this could be but have any of us actually got our fingers on the Google pulse?

As a personal debt consolidation company that specialises in obtaining the majority of client acquisitions through white hat / good seo practices, here at Lewis Alexander we have experienced the pleasures and fantastic results achievable by working hard to obtain top ranking positions in Google and its partners search results.

  • The reasoning behind why Google has bought this financial comparison site will be many fold and only time will tell what the real plans and visions held by Google for this company really are.

What we can be sure of is that the chiefs at Google know exactly what they are doing.  We can also be sure that the north London entrepreneur John Paleomylites, founder of BeatthatQuote is also on the same wavelength as Google re comparison search, hence the deal.

We believe that this purchase is the start of a claim by Google in the UK online comparison world, the ability they have to define the ergonomics of a site and functionality whilst still retaining profitability is second to none and within 3 years we predict Google to have cornered the entire UK comparison market, regardless of the current size and worth of comparison sites such as “comparethemarket”, “GoCompare” and “MoneySupermarket”. It is the not for profit experience that will prevail.

We may be wrong but after working alongside the Google algorithm for the past 8 years and watching with interest many progressive changes implemented by Google, one thing we know is that Google is to be trusted as a partner and will not hinder a genuine quest for natural, relevant and organic search listings, if you pull Google by the tail and try and creep around the back door you will have yourself to blame!  In fact from our own experiences, Google only seems to penalise companies if they are employing black hat / bad seo practices.

  • Google rewards effort, it is as simple as that!

To obtain top search engine rankings in industries such as financial services, you may have to enlist the help of Internet advertising consultants that can “power” your site or help you develop it into a high ranking site through “on page” and “off page” optimisation.

At Lewis Alexander we are debt management specialists and without the seo injection into our company, we would not have been able to sustain such a competitive and prominent online presence when compared to our larger PLC sized competition.  The larger companies have caught up with seo rankings as they were and still are known to use the “get it now” method of PPC or pay per click. Since market forces have become harder for most companies, the marketing spends have in turn reduced and most of these larger debt companies have reduced spend on often expensive PPC or pay per click advertising.

  • Mastering strategies to obtain a client at a lower cost to larger competition was something that businesses world over fought hard to achieve and regularly failed at, this was prior to the Internet revolution.

Lewis Alexander is eternally grateful to Google for creating such a platform that enables smaller competition to flourish in the manner it does.  Without this type of technology clients and potential consumers would only get to see the adverts of the personal debt consolidation companies with the deepest pockets.  Surely that would not be fair!

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