£3.6 Billion Credit Card Debt Written Off

On February 29, 2012, in News, by Lewis Alexander
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    Do you know how much credit card debt was written off in the UK last year?

  • £3.6 Billion!

Outstanding credit card debt to the tune of £3.6 billion was written off credit cards in the UK in 2011, the figure of credit card debt written off in the previous year (2010) was approximately £5 billion.

  • What does this say about the way people are dealing with outstanding financial commitments?
  • Are people simply walking away from their credit card debts and choosing an alternative solution to getting out of debt such as going bankrupt.

Sometimes when circumstances change for an individual, personal debt becomes the last thing that they are able to pay as the priority bills such as electricity or gas, water and council tax are also mounting up in the form of arrears.

There are more people enquiring for loans in 2012, for the purpose of funding every day general living than we have seen before in the last 10 years of servicing the personal loan industry in the UK.

If you are struggling with credit card debt and unable to manage your repayments, the most important thing to start with is making sure you are prioritising the right bills and credit agreements, you must not pay unsecured debts as a priority over expenses such as rent or council tax or mortgage arrears.

If you find yourself struggling with debt problems you should take advice, there are very few personal debt problems that cannot be solved, however, the sooner you seek advice, the sooner you can start to clear debts in a structured way, possibly by entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or Debt Management Plan.

For help and advice regarding personal debt issues and the associated of problems of dealing with debt, please contact our debt helpline free from a land line, in confidence.

Lines are open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

  • Call 0800 018 6868 today.

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Is an IVA Right for Me?

On February 24, 2012, in News, by Lewis Alexander

Have you found yourself wondering “Is an IVA right for me?”

  • free credit report UK from ExperianIs an IVA right for me?
  • This is a question we get asked regularly by clients who are not sure which route would be the best for them to clear their personal debts.

Quite often people find it difficult to decide between an (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) IVA or Bankruptcy and an IVA or DMP (Debt Management Plan).

There are a number of simple questions (above and beyond the financial statement) that need asking to identify if an IVA would be right for you or which solution any particular client would be most suited to. Examples follow but are not limited to;

  • Is the client a home owner with equity?
  • Is the client in full time employment?
  • Does the client have a stable job?
  • How old is the client?
  • Is the client self employed?
  • Where does the client live? –  For example, England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
  • Is the client committed to clearing their financial problems!

If you find yourself asking “is an IVA is right for me” you must not yet have spoken with anyone who can explain the benefits and pitfalls or pros and cons of an IVA to you based on your current circumstances.

  •  If you had you would not be asking yourself “Is an IVA right for me?”

You could spend all day deciding “is an IVA right for me” or which route to take or which debt solution would be best suited to you, however, after speaking with professional debt advice services you may find the answer sooner than you expect.

If you do not seek the personal tailored debt advice regarding an IVA being right for you, a bad decision could be made.

Should you wish to speak with a personal finance consultant,

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Personal Debt Management Help and Advice

On February 8, 2012, in News, by Lewis Alexander
  • Do you need help with personal debt?
  • Obtain onfidential help with your personal debt problems from UK debt consultants in Manchester, England.
  • free credit report UK from ExperianIf you are being controlled by your personal debt problems and feel your life is ‘on hold’ until your debts are sorted, then perhaps it’s time to get professional debt help and advice.
  • Debt that is not correctly managed often just gets steadily worse and very little of what you pay towards those debts actually goes towards reducing those debts.

At Lewis Alexander, we are a team of professional debt advisors whose aim is to help get as many people as possible out of debt. We have a team of dedicated individuals who are specialist debt management and IVA consultants.

We are dedicated to providing confidential, personal debt counselling to financially struggling families and individuals through personal debt management help and advice.


Because there are so many different ways of tackling personal debt we like to talk to the people we are trying to help as soon as possible. Every day lost is more interest and charges needlessly being paid to creditors. Don’t wait a day longer.

Call us right now using 0800 018 6868 and let one of our trained advisors start you on the road to being clear of debt today. It doesn’t cost a penny for the call from a UK land line. It could mean the beginning of the end for your debts though, at “Lewis Alexander” this is what we want for every single one of our clients.

Debt Help UK

  • Are the debt repayments you make each month eating up nearly all of your income?
  • Are the letters and phone calls from creditors getting you down?
  • Have you had a debt consolidation loan refused?

At Lewis Alexander, when we speak to people who come to us with debt problems they always say how much better they feel even though they have only had the initial talk with a debt management advisor. Once we have discussed their situation and come up with an effective debt management plan for their future, the debt management help and advice makes a great difference to peoples lives.

Use the following links for further debt management help information!

The debt advice and help is on offer, all you have to do is call 0800 018 6868 today. Talk to our trained debt management advisors and they will give you confidential debt management help and advice to clear your debt.

  • Call today in confidence! – 0800 018 6868 – lines open 24hrs / 7 days
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