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On April 2, 2012, in News, by Lewis Alexander

Lewis Alexander is a Financial Management Company operating nationally in the UK.

  • We help people who are struggling financially on a daily basis to consolidate personal debts.

free credit report UK from ExperianWe do this by tailoring personal financial management solutions such as Debt Management Plans (DMPs) or Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) to the individual client. These personal debt solutions are particularly useful if a consumer has recently been refused a loan or credit for the purpose of debt consolidation.

Not all financial management companies can or will manage your personal unsecured debts for you.

  • Some just refer you onto other services.

At Lewis Alexander Financial Management, we do manage debt after offering advice and our clients tend to find that once the financial problems they have are managed, financial life can become clearer and they can then try and concentrate on how to clear the debts in a shorter period of time rather than dwelling on the fact that they cannot afford the repayments that they are currently being chased for by credit card or loan companies, including banks and other types of credit suppliers.

A professional financial management company will attempt to get the interest and charges frozen whilst trying to reduce creditor contact for a client on a debt management plan (this cannot be guaranteed with debt management) however, with an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement the interest and charges are guaranteed to be frozen and creditors should also be expected not to contact you directly.

A personal financial management plan is a debt management plan. They are also sometimes called structured repayments plans but most personal financial management companies will call them debt management plans if being set up for an individual consumer. You can read the following information about advantages and disadvantages of a debt management plan.

  • If you think you would benefit from speaking with a trained personal finance consultant who can then offer assistance, please call us free from a land line using 0800 018 6868.

Lewis Alexander Financial Management is an experienced personal debt consolidation service with many happy and satisfied clients who have already used our financial services to clear personal debts in the past.

If you are struggling financially and think you would benefit from a tailored financial consolidation solution that could offer you one monthly repayment without having to take on any further credit, then contact is today.

  • Our lines are open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and your call is usually free from a UK land line.
  • Call 0800 018 6868 now, all calls remain confidential!
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