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  • Are you trying to find a personal debt consolidation loan?

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  • Have you been refused personal debt consolidation loans in the UK?

We may be able to help you get out of the personal debt consolidation or financial problem you may be facing!

It is not always necessary to take out a further loan to consolidate personal debts.  There are other financial solutions available to help people clear debts if they have previously been refused a debt consolidation loan.

Until an individual is turned down for a debt consolidation loan, it can be hard for that person to understand that other personal debt solutions are available, sometimes people prefer the sound of the other debt consolidation solutions once informed correctly about them as they can be informal or formal arrangements, some do not require the individual to go further into debt just to try and get out of their debt, like a debt consolidation loan requires you to do.

The list of links below offer a brief description of the most commonly used personal debt consolidation solutions by people who are unable to obtain a personal debt consolidation loan.

  • Debt Management Plans –
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement or IVA (England / Wales and N. Ireland) or aProtected Trust Deed in Scotland, Debt Solutions in Scotland differ!
  • Debt Relief Order
  • Bankruptcy

If you have been refused debt consolidation loans and keep on making multiple applications for credit to a number of different lenders within a short period of time, you will eventually reduce the score of your personal credit rating quite drastically. We refer to multiple loan applications in a credit file within a short period of time as “footprints in the butter” and if lenders see many declined applications after multiple searches of your credit file by other lenders, they will simply be alarmed and usually not offer to fund your loan either.

Simply put, if you have been refused a loan, stop and consider if continuing to make further applications for credit is where your time is best spent.

  • You may be wiser by taking confidential personal debt consolidation help and advice from a trained debt consultant when dealing with personal debt.

At Lewis Alexander Financial Management, your call is dealt with in the strictest of confidence and should not take longer than about 5-10 minutes to go through an initialFinancial Health Check.

Once you have the personal debt consolidation services advice, you may not like what you hear but if you take action and start to keep to a plan, you may just find that your financial situation improves or becomes more manageable via a debt solution that works.

Professional UK Debt Management Services From Lewis Alexander Financial Management

  • Many people find it difficult to properly manage their own personal finances or debts.
  • This is even more true once they find they are struggling with personal debts.
  • Being able to stand back and analyse the situation is not something everyone is capable of doing. However, the sooner one does, the better the situation becomes!

We are a professional debt management company who can give confidential advice and help.

It was recently announced that the UK now has the highest levels of personal debt in the European Community. Because of this we are making a determined effort to help as many UK residents get out of debt as we possibly can. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than some simple debt help but sometimes things are more serious and we have to take a closer look to see how we can help.

It is now estimated that almost 4 in 10 adults are having financial difficulty and the same amount say that their debt repayments eat up over half or more of their monthly income. In the UK we owe nearly £58 Billion on credit cards which unbelievably is nearly 60% of thecredit card debt for the whole of the European Union.

  • The UK’s personal debt was increasing by £1,000,000 every four minutes!

Is this debt as bad as it sounds?

Obviously these statistics could scare anyone but we don’t think it need be scary at all. Debt management is nothing to be worried about.  For example, most people need a mortgage to buy a house, it would be unreasonable to think that we should buy our homes with savings.  In the same vain, most personal debt, handled correctly can be an asset and in fact can actually save you money sometimes by being aware of what is what with interest rates and reward schemes.

What if I am already struggling with debt?

Whilst it would be nice if we all had enough income to cover all our personal debts, the simple truth, for whatever reason, is that we don’t and some people find themselves in a living nightmare trying to deal with their finances or manage debts, often becoming very ill with bad health due to all the stress involved.

  • This situation is what we want to help people avoid. Having a financial problem that makes you ill is obviously not good!

Through proper analysis of your current financial situation, we can offer advice and practicaldebt advice aimed at sorting out your debts and eventually even getting you to a point where you can become totally clear of debt.

All of the following are ways in which we can help;

  • Informal and practical debt management UK plans designed to re-organise your debts
  • Loans to consolidate debts into one monthly repayment
  • IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangements – formal agreements designed to clear your debts completely
  • Trust deed – The Scottish IVA
  • Credit repair information – trying to start again

If you feel a little more confident now about taking the first steps towards sorting out your finances then do something positive about it today. Get in touch and let us take the stress away for you to clear debt for good.

Debt Consolidation Help UK

  • Clear your existing debts through personal debt consolidation.
  • Have you lots of different debts that all have varying interest rates and varying repayments which make tracking your bills each month awkward?
  • Are you considering paying them all off with a debt consolidation loan to benefit from lower repayments and interest rates?

We can organise other types of loans for a variety of purposes subject to status.

Debt Solution Finder

Clear your debt with or without consolidation loans – It is very easy to find debt consolidation services to help clear personal debts!

  • Do you find paying off all your different debts each month a problem?
  • Do you know how much you have to pay on these debts each month?
  • Do you know how much interest you are paying collectively on these debts?

Why do things the hard way when you could add up everything you owe and possibly take out a debt consolidation loan, or pay everything off through debt management which also gives you one payment each month where you know exactly what you must pay.

If you think you might need a loan for something, give us a call and we will give you all the help and advice you may need to make the informed decision. In some cases it’s possible your repayment period could actually be reduced, although it is not always the case.

We offer a full range of personal debt services all designed to alleviate the stresses of having to live with debt on a daily basis. We can offer personal debt management plans, individual voluntary arrangements or IVA and of course debt consolidation help to suit a variety of situations.

Debt advice for those struggling to manage their debts effectively
  • Getting into debt is very easy to do, everyone knows that!
  • Getting out of debt isn’t as difficult as many people believe!
  • Give our advisors a call to find out what debt help and advice they can give you and you may be surprised how you could clear your personal debts.

Personal Debt advice that is simple, effective and confidential!

We can help people get out of debt through effective personal debt management, debt consolidation or more formal debt management solutions like an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

If you have personal debts that concern you and you would like to discuss what we could do for you, then give us a call FREE (from a land line) and one of our trained advisors will call you to discuss what kind of debt management UK would benefit you.

Who do we help with their debts?

We will help anyone with debts that are causing them problems, however, we do specialise in dealing with particular groups of people because they tend to be more prone to having problems with their debts for whatever reasons. Why not consider the following bankruptcy alternatives?

Single parent debt advice
Single parents who are trying to bring up children on a low income often find the financial part of their life difficult to manage. In fact, their finances often control their lives. When they don’t earn enough money to pay their monthly bills they borrow more to get out of the problem but this only makes the problem worse.

Debt advice for Retired people on a fixed income
Because retired people generally live on a fixed income, their capacity to pay more for anything is very difficult. Once a pensioner finds them self in debt, it can be very difficult to escape from.

UK debt help
Studying in Britain can be tough enough with all the expectations made of you. Trying to manage it whilst struggling with overwhelming debt makes it very difficult indeed. Grants and other government help are not enough to stop students falling into debt.

Debt due to redundancy
When someone loses their job and their income through redundancy, it can be totally unexpected. This can have a completely devastating effect on an individuals or families finances. Bills that were previously easily managed suddenly become a problem and arrears can quickly mount up.

Debts after a divorce
A divorce is one of the most emotional times in a persons life, so to go through all that to then find yourself in crippling debt is an added blow. Losing an entire income in a household is devastating but coping with that and also trying to earn a living whilst bringing up young children is very difficult.

Are you unsure whether or not you need debt help?

If you have personal debts and you have missed payments, had threatening letters or phone calls or just can’t sleep at night worrying about the debts then talk to us. We are pretty confident we will be able to help you clear debt but you are under no obligation at all to use our personal debt services and can walk away if you do not wish to proceed. Our initial advice is free, our ongoing services are chargeable.

  • We think that once you hear what we can do to help people, you will be very pleased to act on our personal debt advice.

You can get in touch by calling FREE from a land line using 0800 018 6868.  Advice is available for people residing in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland UK.

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