• Why Lewis Alexander selected RBS (in 2003)credit report UK from Experian
  • Why Lewis Alexander stayed with Royal Bank of Scotland Plc (in 2009)
  • Our reason to continue banking with Future Williams & Glyn (in 2016)

When Lewis Alexander was incorporated in 2003, an important decision had to be made as to which bank was to be selected to hold our client funds. Most banks would have been a safe option at that time but RBS was selected based on good quality human recommendations and the software / offerings it was geared up to provide for financial organisations dealing with client funds.

Our company encountered rapid growth and along the way, RBS and our relationship manager always had the next solution ready for us to step into when required.

The landscape changed for Lewis Alexander in 2009 and the credit crunch created a different environment than most had been used to. We obviously considered, as did most people and corporations at that time, which bank could actually be trusted to hold our client funds.

Whatever decisions were made by different sectors of society, the old adage of “better the devil you know” resonated within our operation and we decided on that basis to remain a loyal customer of RBS.

  • An important and beneficial decision we made was to remain with RBS!

Since 2010, the personal debt industry has changed, of course there is a lot of debt out there but how many people actually have enough disposable income to service their debt? Not many!

Debt Solution Finder

Our business suffered its very own “change in circumstance” and we had to cut our own cloth accordingly. This meant reducing staff levels and consolidating our financial positions whilst remaining a safe offering to new and prospective clients.

Without the continued fairness and support of RBS throughout the last 5 years or so, we would not have been around to write this blog post. We have not been given “loads of money” by RBS or even given increased borrowings. Our turnover was reducing so it would not have been responsible lending on behalf of RBS, even if we had requested it.

  • What we did receive and what we have benefited from is the support and fairness shown by RBS

It can take time to alter a company’s direction, both operationally and financially, the larger PLC is like a cruise liner and takes considerable time to turn around. Smaller operations are somewhat more flexible and quick turning, these changes we have implemented would not have been possible without the continued fairness and support shown by our relationship manager and a Mr Mark Andrews (MD Regional Corporate Banking Future Williams & Glyn).

Our relationship manager could not agree to what we were asking for, it was not a normal request and therefore would have required more senior approval. Because we had been treated so well by our relationship manager we did not wish in any way to go over his particular political position but he was also minded when we broached the matter with him that it could not harm to make our position clear, higher up the banks political structure.

All we can say is that Mark Andrews should be running RBS and this is without offence to the current CEO. Mr Andrews dealt with a call from our director personally. Our director obtained his mobile number quite by chance and made certain requests from the bank whilst conversing with Mr Andrews.

We obviously had to state our case to Mr Andrews and supported this with a good history of account management over the last 13 years. Once we had, he went away and came back as promised (within 1 week) with what we perceived as excellent news. Mr Andrews valued our loyalty, took an interest in our business and proved that the “old relationship” at all levels in a bank, can be attained by a company of any size, not just the large ones!

For a company the size of RBS (Future Williams & Glyn) to make a small financial company such as Lewis Alexander feel valued is currently (to the best of our knowledge) quite unique and unrivalled within the banking sector.

This blog post is a testament to the care, attention, fairness and most importantly support that RBS, our relationship manager and Mr Andrews have provided Lewis Alexander with.

Thank you to RBS for helping another UK small business, as they state in their marketing, they are actually ”helping one business at a time”. (Please note, our bank accounts have always been well managed and we have always been honest with the bank at all times of growth and decline – we feel this is what allows your chosen bank to offer you the same in return!)

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