credit report UK from ExperianWith the uptake in usage of electronic cigarettes, cash strapped smokers who are also in debt are finding that there is something worthwhile about these little battery operated e-cigs!

  • The direct financial cost of smoking for the average smoker is approximately £200-£300 per month.

This is based on the average smoker using 15-20 cigarettes per day totalling approximately 600 cigarettes per month or 30 packets of 20. Couple this with the odd night out each week or month and you could increase the 30 packets a month to maybe 35 or even 40.

e liquid flavoursThe usage of alcohol combined with cigarettes shows that people do smoke more when enjoying a tipple, even if they are moderate smokers.

The bill for this habit usually costs a smoker around £240 per month and this is based on the average packet of traditional cigarettes now (February 2014) costing about £8.

If you then consider that the average individual has outstanding credit cards or payday loans or even overdrafts and catalogue balances that may total around £3-£4k, you can see how the cost of some peoples smoking is similar to other people’s property mortgage payments.

  • If you multiply the £240 per month by 12 months, in one year the total cost of smoking can be £2880.
  • This is just the financial cost!
  • Most smokers are actually spending approximately, between £2500 – £3500 per annum with the added packets included for the holidays, nights out and pub quiz etc.
  • This money could go to clearing the average person’s debt over a 12 to 18 month period.

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The old ways are always the best and if you are a smoker that can throw your packet in the bin and never pick up another cigarette then good luck to you, however, most struggle with this will power and the nicotine itself is one of the most addictive drugs available so it is no wonder why most people fail to quit smoking.

With the widespread usage of disposable e-cigarettes and electronic vaping e-liquids and equipment, a smoker who is also in debt should seriously consider switching to an electronic cigarette or alternative.

  • We are in no way advising people that these e-cigarettes or disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes are good for you.
  • The nicotine within some of these products is the same addictive poisonous drug as it is in a real cigarette, however, if you take the savings available to a household who has very little disposable income left at the end of each month, then electronic disposable cigarettes or electronic smoking devices really do become worth investigating further.
  • Especially if both partners smoke!

Smokers who currently utilise the services of a debt management company may find that if they switched to rechargeable cigarettes or disposable e-cigarettes, they may not have to continue paying into their debt management plan as they will regain a large percentage of their disposable income that they are paying out on smoking traditional cigarettes each month. By switching to rechargeable cigarettes those funds can then be directed towards creditors and in turn reduce their personal debt faster than would be expected of them whilst continuing to smoke traditionally.

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