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  • As previously stated, Lewis Alexander Financial Management is currently developing a new, customer driven Debt Management Plan, Insolvency and PPI Claim software solution that will act as a “turn-key” service for UK consumers to clear personal debt problems online.

The launch will happen as soon as Lewis Alexander Financial Management is sure that the resource will be capable of dealing with the volume of traffic expected. The new online client controlled personal debt consolidation software is not designed to be a “one size fits all solution” as many clients may continue to choose conventional personal support with their debt management plan and the company remains committed to providing this level of personal service.

The original development and implementation of Lewis Alexander’s unique and efficient debt management software enabled the company to pioneer “fixed fee” solutions in the debt management industry over 10 years ago and will continue to enable the provision of cost effective traditional, personal and client supported debt management solutions in the future.

As a result of Lewis Alexander’s pioneering web based solution, the company has received a huge amount of interest regarding the web enabled software from potential franchise partners. This interest has predominantly come from commercially mature franchise orientated individuals with financial expertise and the investment capital to support on-going client attainment and support.  In web enabling it’s existing, purpose designed, debt management software which was originally created to support Lewis Alexander’s core client offering of personal and supported debt management solutions, the online solution has the potential to also offer client managed services by accredited individuals, regardless of their geographic location.

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“Given the strategic partnerships we have now established with IT specialists we believe that the efficiencies driven by Lewis Alexander’s existing software systems with 10 years operational security and service could now be migrated to provide individual franchise opportunities”

Other personal debt management franchises do exist but due to the unique way in which the software will allow a potential franchisee to manage client accounts, the franchisee will have greater efficiencies within their franchise than we believe is currently available elsewhere.

  • Not all franchise opportunities offer the back up and support that Lewis Alexander Financial Management is planning to offer potential franchisee prospects. This, coupled with an affordable franchise fee should enable a great number of people from different sectors of society to consider this opportunity as a future career.

The franchise opportunity on offer is not only scalable based upon the current economic climate but also comes with a ten year proven track record and UK trademarked brand.

Some people understand franchising better than others and the number of franchisees Lewis Alexander intends to recruit will be based on each applicant’s respective ability to control a given area.

A potential franchise partner could expect to recoup their initial franchise investment within the first 12 months of trading. This again will be subject to the initial franchise fee based on the geographical area/s franchised. Some areas / franchises will differ in size as mentioned above but an initial 12 months is our best guide at present based on the current requirements of interested partners.

If you are struggling with debt problems and think you would benefit from the help and assistance of a licensed, personal debt consultant, you can call our personal debt helpline today in absolute confidence using;

  • Call – 0800 018 6868 – Free
  • Lines are open 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Calls are usually free from a BT land line
  • Mobile calls may be less expensive if you dial 0161 872 3383
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