Prepaid Credit Cards do NOT mean more Debt!

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  • credit report UK from ExperianPrepaid cards do not mean more debt to cope with!
  • These are payment cards for people who don’t want more debt!
  • Do you like the option of using a credit card to pay for goods or services?

That’s not surprising as there are many benefits from using a credit card. Credit cards generally offer a secure way to pay for things all over the world, on the Internet or over the telephone with a built in level of financial protection that rivals most other ways of paying.

  • Most credit cards offer some sort of guarantee for purchases made online for example.

The BIG drawback for a lot of people when using a credit card, is then having to pay that money back at a later date, often resulting in interest charges that make the purchase more and more expensive. This can lead to people needing debt help as a result, they also often get refused loans due to late payments on credit cards.

Now there is a solution for people who do not want to have a credit card bill to pay each month but want to enjoy the benefits a credit card offers.

Instead of the ‘Buy now, pay later‘ option there is now the ‘Pay now, buy later‘ option.

  • Pay now, buy later’ rather than ‘Buy now, pay later’ with the Cashplus Mastercard

The cashplus card can be used anywhere a normal Mastercard can be used and can be used to pay for anything a normal Mastercard can be used for, holidays, clothes, gadgets or anything else.

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  • How does this work?

The way it works is very simple. You pay money  into your account or ‘load up’ your card which gives you an available balance on your card which you can then spend in exactly the same way you would spend on a normal credit card except that when you use this card, you do not get a bill at the end of the month because you have already paid up front.   These prepaid cards are excellent if you have been refused a bank account.

  • “This would be great for me but I need debt help at the moment”!

If you think you would like to apply for a cashplus prepaid card but feel your current personal debts need sorting because you are worried about your financial future, then we can help you get your personal debts in order, we can assist with our debt management solutions and advice.

We offer personal debt help to people who accept they should clear debt problems that are, or have been mounting.

  • If you are struggling to pay credit cards and loans, call us free in confidence from a land line today using 0800 018 6868.
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free credit report UK from Experian

Whilst many debt consolidation services or debt management companies may struggle with the new debt management protocol, Lewis Alexander Financial Management openly embraces this new and long overdue initiative.

The recently released Government protocol relating to personal debt management plans in the UK is not only designed to ensure that debt consolidation companies involved in the industry are compliant with OFT (Office of fair Trading) debt management guidance but most importantly to ensure that the vulnerable UK consumer receives the best possible advice and service at the most competitive cost or price.

The new debt management protocol asks that clients initial payments for a debt management plan are not retained by the debt consolidation service or debt management company they have selected but are in fact dispersed to creditors immediately, it is also expected that any initial set up fee charged would be taken out of no less than the first 6 monthly contributions from the client.  This is meant to reduce the clients debts more rapidly but is based equally upon the clients respective creditors also adhering to the protocol with regard to interest and charges currently being applied to the consumers accounts, if any. The practice of retaining initial payments has usually been used by the debt consolidation industry to cover the internal administrative costs involved in setting up a consumer debt management plan.

Debt Solution Finder

Lewis Alexander Financial Management is currently developing a “turn key” personal debt consolidation platform which will be available online for UK consumers.  This pioneering, Internet based, consumer self managed, debt solution environment will offer a highly efficient and cost effective option which will dramatically reduce if not eliminate the initial administrative set up costs that apply to current fee charged debt management plans in the UK.

It is envisaged that usage of the personal debt consolidation and management software will be charged at approximately one third of the current monthly fees on offer, this is when compared to the average fee charged debt management plan currently available when using conventional debt consolidation services or debt management companies.

The Lewis Alexander Internet based, self managed debt solution is being designed to be as user friendly as possible.

The online resource will provide compliant best advice for the consumer relating to the different debt management and debt consolidation solutions available.

When a user registers, they will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire outlining their personal and financial circumstances. This information will be dynamically translated by the system in order to identify the debt management or debt consolidation routes available to that specific user.

  • Faced with potentially more than one debt consolidation solution to choose from, the user will be able to gain online financial debt advice via the systems knowledge base.
  • However, personal and conclusive advice will be available if required via email and telephone to assist a prospective client to make their final decision.

Having chosen the desired debt management or debt consolidation solution, the user will be able to set up their own online file which will already contain their financial statement and particulars based on the information they have provided in the initial questionnaire.

  • Their file will also contain all the relevant creditor correspondence and templates thus enabling them to activate their own debt management or debt consolidation solution.

Based upon bespoke, tried and tested internal debt management software developed by Lewis Alexander, it is envisaged that the online system will provide all of the facilities to the user that is currently available to an internally based adviser at Lewis Alexander Financial Management.

Should you be struggling with personal financial problems and require the help and advice of a trained personal debt consultant, then please call our personal debt helpline in absolute confidence using;

  • 0800 018 6868
  • calls are usually FREE from a UK land line.
  • From mobile it may be less expensive to call 0161 872 3383
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free credit report UK from Experian

  • As previously stated, Lewis Alexander Financial Management is currently developing a new, customer driven Debt Management Plan, Insolvency and PPI Claim software solution that will act as a “turn-key” service for UK consumers to clear personal debt problems online.

The launch will happen as soon as Lewis Alexander Financial Management is sure that the resource will be capable of dealing with the volume of traffic expected. The new online client controlled personal debt consolidation software is not designed to be a “one size fits all solution” as many clients may continue to choose conventional personal support with their debt management plan and the company remains committed to providing this level of personal service.

The original development and implementation of Lewis Alexander’s unique and efficient debt management software enabled the company to pioneer “fixed fee” solutions in the debt management industry over 10 years ago and will continue to enable the provision of cost effective traditional, personal and client supported debt management solutions in the future.

As a result of Lewis Alexander’s pioneering web based solution, the company has received a huge amount of interest regarding the web enabled software from potential franchise partners. This interest has predominantly come from commercially mature franchise orientated individuals with financial expertise and the investment capital to support on-going client attainment and support.  In web enabling it’s existing, purpose designed, debt management software which was originally created to support Lewis Alexander’s core client offering of personal and supported debt management solutions, the online solution has the potential to also offer client managed services by accredited individuals, regardless of their geographic location.

Debt Solution Finder

“Given the strategic partnerships we have now established with IT specialists we believe that the efficiencies driven by Lewis Alexander’s existing software systems with 10 years operational security and service could now be migrated to provide individual franchise opportunities”

Other personal debt management franchises do exist but due to the unique way in which the software will allow a potential franchisee to manage client accounts, the franchisee will have greater efficiencies within their franchise than we believe is currently available elsewhere.

  • Not all franchise opportunities offer the back up and support that Lewis Alexander Financial Management is planning to offer potential franchisee prospects. This, coupled with an affordable franchise fee should enable a great number of people from different sectors of society to consider this opportunity as a future career.

The franchise opportunity on offer is not only scalable based upon the current economic climate but also comes with a ten year proven track record and UK trademarked brand.

Some people understand franchising better than others and the number of franchisees Lewis Alexander intends to recruit will be based on each applicant’s respective ability to control a given area.

A potential franchise partner could expect to recoup their initial franchise investment within the first 12 months of trading. This again will be subject to the initial franchise fee based on the geographical area/s franchised. Some areas / franchises will differ in size as mentioned above but an initial 12 months is our best guide at present based on the current requirements of interested partners.

If you are struggling with debt problems and think you would benefit from the help and assistance of a licensed, personal debt consultant, you can call our personal debt helpline today in absolute confidence using;

  • Call – 0800 018 6868 – Free
  • Lines are open 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Calls are usually free from a BT land line
  • Mobile calls may be less expensive if you dial 0161 872 3383
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Personal advice and help with debt management

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Personal debt management advice and debt management help from UK financial solutions specialists.

  • free credit report UK from ExperianDo you need debt management help or advice in the UK?
  • With the right debt management advice and well thought out debt management plan, you too can get back to being clear of personal debt!

Getting reliable debt advice UK is crucial when trying to figure out the best way to clear debt properly. Sadly, good reliable advice is not always easy to find these days!

At Lewis Alexander, we don’t expect you to pay for the phone call to us because we know that if you are in need of debt help, you may not have money to spare for phone calls.

  • Are you struggling with credit card repayments?
  • Are you struggling to meet store card commitments?
  • Have you missed one or more mortgage repayment?
  • Do you have County Court Judgements pending?

Debt help UK


If so, all of the above are sure signs that debt is starting to take control of you rather than you controlling your debts. The good news, however, is that your personal debts are often not so bad that you are beyond help…few are!

With careful debt management online we could help you get back on the road of being clear of debt for the long term.  We can consider various debt management solutions for you to take back the control you want over these debts.

Facing debt alone can be very scary

Whether you are a single parent, a divorcee, a widower or simply single, debt can make you feel very isolated and the stress of it all could actually start to impact on your health. The last thing you need if you are living on one income is to become ill as this will directly affect your finances and will probably make the situation worse.


Make the decision to get help right now!

Call us free today from a land line using 0800 018 6868 and one of our trained consultants will discuss your situation and they will give you the help and advice you may need in confidence.

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