Are you an Expat of the UK Struggling in Personal Debt?

On March 10, 2012, in News, by Lewis Alexander
  • free credit report UK from ExperianDo you live abroad as an Expatriate and still have personal debts in the UK?
  • Did you know we help Expats who have tried and are struggling to clear debts?

If you need assistance dealing with personal debt problems and are an Expat of the UK then Lewis Alexander could be able to help you.

We help many Expatriates of the UK who find it difficult to manage the credit cards and loans that they have outstanding in the UK.  Not all Expats struggle with personal debt problems and when they do it can be very difficult and time consuming sorting the issues out.

Firstly it can be a struggle due to time differences and secondly many people living abroad are involved in jobs that are also particularly time consuming.

Finding the time to not only get to grips with your financial situation but then subsequently sorting it out can be very hard indeed and in itself takes some weeks even though with the best of intentions you would like to be able to do it over a weekend or in an evening.

Living abroad has its own stress and having a debt consultant in the UK to deal with the problems for you can be a real help. We have helped people based all around the world who have moved permanently or have just temporarily left the UK, they are based in places such as Hong Kong, Japan, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, India, Thailand, Egypt, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Austria, Hungry, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Africa etc…

Lewis Alexander helps many Expats in the Military/Army and also helps Expat Professionals and Retired Expats.

Most cases can be solved with a common and efficient debt solution such as

When the above debt solutions do not seem viable for an Expat, other debt help UK and advice becomes readily available.

If you are an UK Expatriate who requires assistance to sort personal debt problems including credit card and loan debts then contact Lewis Alexander using our personal debt helpline today.

  • 0800 018 6868 – lines are open 24 hours / 7 days
  • Your call is dealt with in absolute confidence and your call is free from a UK land line.

Calls from other networks or countries may vary, you should ask your telecoms provider about the costs of calling 0800 numbers.

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