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On June 15, 2011, in News, by Lewis Alexander

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Information about how to find ways to clear personal debts through debt help and advice?

  • Are you unable to meet your credit card or loan repayments?
  • Are you ignoring your mail and telephone calls?

Find debt help and advice that you may need to clear your personal debt online. There are a number of ways to clear your debts which we have provided links below to explain in greater detail.

  • Contact a debt advisor today by calling a recognised company using a free phone number!
  • Ask people you can trust for advice, you may be surprised who is struggling!

Help is available as we state above to find personal debt solutions that can assist you to clear your debts. A personal debt problem is often not unique, at Lewis Alexander we can offer you help with debt problems and the debt support you may need today.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a very useful debt management tool which helps many people through difficult personal debt problems. An IVA, however, does not apply in Scotland. In Scotland there is the Protected Trust Deed which does essentially the same job although it does have some differences. The main difference between a ‘Trust Deed’ and an ‘IVA’ is the length of time one stays in force. An IVA usually lasts for 5 years whilst a Trust Deed usually lasts for just 3 years. Most of the other aspects of the Trust Deed are the same as an IVA.

  • Interest and Charges are usually stopped with an IVA and Trust Deed.
  • You only make one monthly repayment with a Trust Deed and IVA.
  • Creditors letters and telephone calls usually stop with an IVA and Protected Trust Deed.
  • Court proceedings and bankruptcy can be prevented with an IVA or Trust Deed.
  • Once you finish the term of the agreement you will usually be deemed clear of debt.

An IVA or Trust Deed is a legally binding agreement and there may be consequences if you fail to adhere to terms set out in the agreement. If a Trust Deed is either not suitable or is not possible, then in Scotland you may apply for the Scottish equivalent of Bankruptcy known as Sequestration or enter into a Debt Management Plan if suitable.

Find debt advice to help you get out of a debt problem

Finding reliable debt advice is not the easiest thing to do sometimes because you trawl a pile of websites and then you still need to talk to someone to see if that company is going to be able to help.

If you have personal debts and are trying to find help or advice about how to deal with them, we can help. We have helped many people to re-organise or clear debts completely.  These people all chose us because they got reliable and straight forward debt advice in the first instance from us.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by credit card bills?
  • Do your catalogue bills just seem to get bigger?
  • Are your store cards a burden?

These are common thoughts for people starting to struggle with their debts. It can then lead on to bills not being paid, then the creditors start chasing for payment and interest and charges start to accumulate on each account not being paid. This description is over simplified perhaps but it happens every day in the UK.

  • We can help you find personal debt solutions available to assist you in getting back on track.

If you have debt problems you will know that life events are often the cause or the catalyst. Many people go through something in their life like an illness or a divorce perhaps, then suddenly find themselves sliding into debt. If you fit any of those types of groups, we could find tailored debt help to suit you.

Debts can be sorted out!  The longer you take to face your debts, the longer they take to sort out. Act today, you could be one day closer to being clear of debt.  The Internet, television and press are full of adverts and articles about how to find debt advice as personal debt has become an enormous problem in the UK.

If you have found yourself in a position recently where you’ve felt that money is the only thing you seem to think about and about how on earth you are going to pay those bills. Well, take five minutes out of your day, give us a call and then see if we can give you a debt management solution to get you through your debt problems for the long term.

Further down the line of personal debt trouble, there are things that may start to be a threat or may even take place that indicate how serious your situation has become. Please do not fall into the age old trap of ignoring your debt problems, they will not go away by burying your head in the sand.

  • There is NO SHAME in getting yourself into DEBT
  • Don’t be the person who ignores it and makes the problem worse making it harder to get out of.

There are lots of things that can be discussed and implemented confidentially with you before you get anywhere close to having to go through any of the above outcomes. Your situation is likely to be one that we have come across before which means we won’t be shocked. There is personal debt help available and you will not be judged.

  • To find out how or if we can help you start to clear your debts, call free from a land line today using 0800 018 6868.
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