Refused Loans to Clear Debts?

On May 19, 2013, in News, by Lewis Alexander
  • credit report UK from ExperianLooking for a loan or further credit to pay monthly bills, debt or credit repayments?
  • Are you struggling to find money to pay minimum monthly debt and bill payments?
  • Do you have too many payday loans that you are struggling with?


  • If you are struggling financially you will not help yourself by borrowing more money!

The fact that you are looking for money to pay normal monthly living costs should identify to you that there may be more going out of your pocket each month than you have coming into it!

You must take advice about your financial situation if refused a loan, most people find after taking debt consolidation advice that they understand what they have to do to make things better. It is not always possible to make things better over night.

People in debt tend to have different personal circumstances to each other but financially they are all still struggling – This is usually due to either a genuine change in personal circumstance or general lack of care about budgeting on a weekly or monthly basis.

Debt Solution Finder

When we speak to people who are struggling with monthly repayments, there is usually a personal debt solution we can find to help them. These financial solutions very rarely include the funding of further loans as someone who is struggling does not represent a good risk to the potential lender!

If someone approached you requesting to borrow money and you knew that they had not repaid other people you know for a previous or earlier dated loan, would you then go ahead and still lend that person some money?

Some people applying for finance are more genuine and serious than others and can show greater grounds for considering a loan personally but when it comes down to making an application, lenders do not care about emotional problems or personal reasons as to why you may be in the position you are, they only care about the here and now and what your credit report / previous repayment history says about you.

Your personal credit report will usually cover the last 6 years financial activity in your name. The myth of a credit “Blacklist” is exactly that, a myth! Each individual has a credit rating and this can be found by contacting a credit reference agency such as Credit Expert operated by Experian.

Lewis Alexander offers help and advice regarding personal debt consolidation solutions available in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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