Who is vulnerable to personal debt

On April 25, 2011, in News, by Lewis Alexander

free credit report UK from ExperianWe have so many clients who come to us for debt help after being with another debt management company first. in many cases, they were given advice based on that company’s desire to make money rather than for the right reasons.

  • The right reasons being getting the client out of debt!

We get told so many stories about how people have been charged for advice or then get charged all kinds of hidden fees during their time with other debt management companies.

  • IMPORTANT: Never pay for initial debt advice!

We advise people from all walks of life about personal debt help, from road cleaners to doctors, caretakers to social workers and soldiers to lawyers. No one type of person is immune to getting into debt. The good thing about working with Lewis Alexander is that everything is dealt with in a confidential manner.

  • Are some particular groups of people vulnerable?

Because some groups of people in society live on very low incomes or their situation has recently changed meaning a severe drop in income then these people are very vulnerable to getting into debt problems.

Whilst this is obviously not an exhaustive list of all the categories of people we help it does represent a large percentage of people who do experience personal debt problems.

  • Other debt related issues can be things such as;

Been refused credit
If you have been refused a loan or other kind of credit, find out what you can do.

Your credit rating
If you are having trouble getting credit, find out what information is being held about you on your credit file.

Repair your credit rating
Use the information found on your credit report to remove false entries or repair your credit rating.

Identity theft
What is identity theft and what are the dangers of it happening. Read how to protect yourself from identity theft.

  • Call today to see if we can help you clear your personal debt

Getting into debt seems to be an easy thing to do in modern Britain. It is reassuring though, to know that there are places you can go where you know categorically that you will get the help you need to deal with that debt.

Get in touch with us today and we will show you very quickly that we are one of those places!

  • Calls from landlines are free using 0800 018 6868
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Over 1500 people being made redundant every day

On March 29, 2011, in News, by Lewis Alexander
  • free credit report UK from ExperianThis isn’t exactly the headline that David Cameron wants to see during these tough economic times, especially after his assertion that the private sector would and indeed could create vacancies to make up for local and central government cutbacks.

But at a time when Britons owe £1.4trillion (that’s more noughts than we can even think to draw out in a blog!) and bankruptcies are being declared at a rate of 337 per day, the stats are beginning to look more than a little bit grim.

So without wishing to compound the agony unduly, figures such as the average UK household owing £57,635 and approximately 1,000 Britons turning to various organisations to help them manage their debts are hardly going to help build popularity.

It is likely that the Cameron, Clegg, Osborne axis are sure to blame the previous government, but with the public having short memories, the continual panning of the previous regime has only been tolerated for so long.  As we approach 12 months into this term of government, this ‘honeymoon period’ is coming to an end!

1589 redundancies may not sound like a great number when there are 60 million or so people living in the UK, but when you think this is around 11,000 per week or over ½ a million in 2011, then the numbers really start to hit home.  When these figures are added to the 833,000 Britons who have been unemployed for 12 months or more we really start to see a picture of a country in trouble.

  • So what difference is a neutral budget going to make during such difficult times?

The short answer is that the budget pleased very few.  Hard line capitalists would have wanted to see additional tax breaks for small and medium sized businesses, whilst 99.9% of those who marched on the recent TUC rally would call for more government cash to help create jobs for cash-strapped Britons.

Sitting on the fence is not a common pastime for this blog writer, but with food price inflation standing at 6%, energy prices rising at a higher rate and the cost of a barrel of oil remaining impossibly high, it is hard not to have sympathy for fellow Britons who are watching their quality of life slip back by a year almost every month.

But what does being made redundant and experiencing higher petrol, gas, electricity and food prices actually mean for the man in the street?

  • Well, first up, stating the obvious, if you don’t have any income, paying the bills does become somewhat tough.
  • So that’s where the state come in to help, right?
  • Wrong!
  • State help only really kicks in once you have burned your life savings and are down to the poverty line.
  • Life in the UK is going to get very interesting, that’s for sure!

If you are currently finding yourself worse off with each passing month and in a situation where your household debts are spiralling past the average £57k detailed above then it may be time to join the 1000 people who every day are seeking help with their debts.

One free call to Lewis Alexander on 0800 018 6868 could be the start of better things for you and your family in 2011.  Our debt management specialists are well versed at working with families and hard working Britons who are in debt.  We approach the situation from a new perspective… yours!

Rather than try and sell you a solution we identify your current situation, understand what you are looking to do, before advising on a solution that meets your needs.

If you need help with debt then why not give us a call and see if we can make a difference to the debt situation for your household.  If you are driven to make a difference to your life and have a regular income, then we can help you!

  • Call 0800 018 6868 in confidence today.
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Struggling with Redundancy?

On November 16, 2010, in News, by Lewis Alexander

You set off with considerable enthusiasm for a new start, a reasonable lump sum, a chat with your partner promising that it will ‘all be ok’ and within weeks you are starting to wish that the redundancy letter you thought would bring a new direction to your life had actually landed on someone else’s desk. 

  • You are not alone!

This is a surprisingly common scenario facing thousands of working and middle class families across the country who found that they were subject to downsizing by their employer to cope with the global downturn in economic fortune.

This of course has meant a significant reduction in household income for these families.  Whilst this reduction in income is survivable for most families for one or two months, the moment that it pushes five and six months it really starts to pose a problem.

For months three and four, the life savings start to disappear, before the kid’s university funds and finally the Christmas budget goes and before you know it, you are starting to miss payments on the credit card bills and the car finance etc.

With the job market the way it is, it can be hard to get any job at the moment, let alone a job that pays the same as the one you used to hold.  So, as the month’s creep past and the savings have been eroded, it is understandable that keeping up with the rent or the mortgage becomes more important than keeping up with the Jones’.

  • There are options open to people in this position and quite often things are considerably more flexible than you might think.

First up should always come a full frank review of your household budget.  Detailing the complete list of current incomings and outgoings can often be a combination of emotions.  For many it reveals that the monthly list of regular payments far exceeds the expected amount.  For others it shows that the scale of the ‘nice to have’ expenses – those that really aren’t essential to everyday living.  It may also be a cause for upset as you realise the scale of the problem that you are faced with.

However, once you have completed step one, you are ready to move forward and look to the future for you and your family.  Having understood the scale of the problem, it is much easier to then look for appropriate solutions to combat these issues.

Prior to looking at a debt plan or any sort of further loan, it is sensible to discuss your newly found knowledge with existing lenders.  Having discovered the extent of your financial situation, it may be that existing lenders can restructure your payments.  Extending the term to repay the funds, reducing the monthly payments temporarily, or converting the loan to ‘interest only’ are all options that could be explored.

  • If you have already missed some key points in time, then this may not be possible and one free call to Lewis Alexander on 0800 018 6868 will help you to understand the best options for you.
  • We start by conducting a free financial health check, which ensures that we understand your financial situation, so that we can offer the solution that suits you best.

As industry experts in debt management solutions and services, we are ideally placed to understand your unique situation and then rather than sell you a plan that may not be suitable, we work to deliver a plan that best helps you move forward in your work and personal life.

We find that our clients respect us more for being honest with them and genuinely helping them with their individual circumstances, rather than pressure selling a specific solution.

We don’t charge any up-front fees for our financial health check (our continued services are chargeable should you proceed) and make sure that you understand all the implications of the debt plan you may approve following the completion of your financial healthcheck.

  • If you want to talk to one of our advisors in absolute confidence, call us FREE on 0800 018 6868.

For those who have used our services, Lewis Alexander is a name that people have learnt to trust to help them start to, or clear, personal debt problems.

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