Lewis Alexander Financial Management, a Manchester based personal debt consolidation company, intends to launch an automated Debt Management Plan, IVA and PPI Claims Service online, via a consumer driven software solution.

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The company has developed a 3 phase implementation plan initially focusing on the organisations core competency of Debt Management Solutions.

Many UK consumers in debt do require personal assistance to manage their debt and financial situation and the company is committed to providing this service on an on-going basis.  However, in line with increased accessibility and familiarity with Internet technologies, Lewis Alexander has identified a shifting pattern in consumer demand.

Not all consumers will feel comfortable using the new online software which is why Lewis Alexander remains committed to providing the quality personal management solutions they have for over 10 years.

Having said this, statistics show that many individuals not only have the capability and IT know how to manage their own debt solutions but may in fact prefer to do so to retain privacy and anonymity. This group of users will find the new service simple to navigate and will undoubtedly find the financial savings to be gained via utilising the new service and software, reason enough to manage their own personal debt management plan or IVA.

The aim is to deliver phase 1 of this new online financial service to market during the first quarter of 2013. The project is being scoped and developed in conjunction with Not Normal Media who operate as advertising consultants and are wholly owned by Lewis Alexander. The company is also working with external strategic partners from within the software industry who have a wealth of knowledge and many years’ experience in online education and compliance management.

Compliance requirements have been highlighted as the most important part of each phase, each phase leads on to a final turnkey solution which will facilitate users to manage and clear personal debt online without the need for conventional call centre contact. The proposed online personal debt, financial and PPI claim management knowledge base / university within the resource will offer everything a consumer needs to achieve a self-managed personal debt solution.

  • Overall timescales are not set in stone but the entire project completion should be delivered to market by the second quarter of 2013.

Lewis Alexander is aiming to provide this turnkey software solution via its current Internet based infrastructure, offering the tools to enable consumers to self manage personal debt and provide a facility for consumer data to be analysed so Lewis Alexander Financial Management ensures that users get the best advice at all times.

Whilst accepting that this will affect our main core business as a fee charging, service orientated operator, it is definitely the future for certain clients who prefer anonymity and wish to retain some form of privacy when faced with personal financial problems.

Lewis Alexander’s discussions with a reputable insolvency practitioner are on-going regarding the automated process of the IVA / personal insolvency process to be developed in tandem with the new proposed online solution as they will ultimately be responsible for the licensed process.

If you are currently struggling with personal debt problems and think you would benefit from the help and assistance of a licensed, personal debt advisor, please call our personal debt helpline today in absolute confidence.

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