• credit report UK from ExperianAre you a client or customer of Smooth Financial debt solutions?
  • Did you enter a debt management plan with Smooth Finance or The Debt Advice Centre?
  • Have you been advised that the company Smooth Financial is now in administration?
  • Concerned about what this means to you as an existing client or customer?

On 2nd August 2013, Smooth Financial (also trading as The Debt Advice Centre) instructed A B Coleman and R M Withinshaw of Royce Peeling Green Limited as Joint Administrators. This is due to a petition by one of Smooth Financials creditors to wind the company up and the winding up hearing is due to be heard on 19th August 2013.

What this means for existing Smooth Financial Debt Management Plan clients

If you are using a Smooth Financial debt management plan your plan will now be managed by Money Expert,  who has arranged to take over the running of the existing client base or book.

  • You do not have to stay with the new owners!
  • You are free to seek advice and help wherever you choose!
  • There should be NO CHARGE to move debt management service if you are using or selecting a compliant trader!
  • If you are charged to move debt services be very careful about your selection!
  • Other debt solution companies will and are offering free debt help and free debt management plans to existing clients of Smooth Financial who find themselves in limbo with the recent news!
  • How can you offer free debt services when you are paid to do the job normally?
  • Are these predatory debt companies looking to see if they can switch you from your current debt management plan into an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement which could mean that your newly selected debt company could earn more money for dealing with your case!
  • Beware that the advice you get is correct!

Debt Solution Finder

Try our impartial debt solution finder available at www.help-debt.co.uk and find out in under 2 minutes which debt solution or debt solutions you actually qualify for. Then you can decide which is best suited to you! Find out if you are currently utilising the correct or best solution for you!

What this means for existing Smooth Financial IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement clients

If you were advised by Smooth Financial to enter an IVA and did so, the administrators will make sure that the cases are now managed. You should find that the conditions of your IVA are not affected and the new supervisor or existing that may remain will not change the plan you agreed to.

What can Lewis Alexander Financial Management do to help you?

Lewis Alexander is proud to be connected with Royce Peeling Green Accountants who are responsible for the administration of Smooth Financial, we have used the accounting services of Royce Peeling Green Accountants since our incorporation back in 2003. We are celebrating our 11th year of service to vulnerable UK consumers requiring debt consolidation help and support.

If you were paying Smooth Financial on a monthly basis to manage your debts, we can help you by re starting your debt management plan and re negotiating with your creditors, we will not charge for this initial work.

  • Call our debt helpline today, free and in absolute confidence using 0800 018 6868
  • Calls from land lines are usually free
  • From mobiles it may be less expensive to call 0161 872 3383
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