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Help with Debt Problems

On May 17, 2011, in News, by Lewis Alexander

Get help with debt problems from UK debt management specialists

  • free credit report UK from ExperianHave you decided that you are in need of help with your debts?
  • Are your debts a problem to solve?
  • Are you unsure what to do about your debts?

If you are feeling like the above, then things have got to the stage where you could do with some personal debt help.  We are glad to say that help with debt problems is available from Lewis Alexander.

Some people think that their debt problems are totally unique and that they have never been seen before.  Luckily, this is rarely the case. We have seen most scenarios and do not judge people, our professional advisors will help and guide you through the entire process if you so wish, our initial advice is free, our ongoing services are chargeable.

  • Debt problems that are left and not addressed don’t go away on their own.

If you would like expert advice on how to solve your debt problems and get help to start the process of becoming clear of debt then get in touch with one of our advisors today.  You will be glad you did get help with debt problems and you will remember today as being the day your debts stopped running your life.

What kind of personal debts can you help me with?

We are a professional debt management company with a successful track record of helping people through their debt problems.

It doesn’t matter what kind of personal unsecured debt you are struggling with, we can help with debt problems and have a lot of experience dealing with creditors.

  • Are you struggling to make payments on your credit cards every month?
  • Are you in need of advice regarding debt management?
  • Are your store cards not being paid on time and the interest is just increasing the debt?

Personal Debt Help

Because personal debt problems come in all shapes and sizes, it is impossible to have a one size fits all debt management solution. We have several solutions that will help different people with different debt problems.

Most debt solutions are available to anyone who may need help with debt problems including divorcees, single parents, the unemployed, retired and people with a long term illness or disability.

  • Get debt support information about clearing your personal debt problems.
  • Call free from a land line today using 0800 018 6868.
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Debt Support Services

On February 19, 2010, in News, by Lewis Alexander
  • Trying to find a Debt Support Service in the UK?
  • Unable to get a loan to consolidate your financial problems?
  • Struggling to understand how best to help yourself?

When you need debt support, it is very hard to find a company that you can trust.  Most personal debt advice that you obtain from debt support companies will tell you that the best option is either;

  • An IVA
  • Bankruptcy
  • A Debt Management Plan
  • or possibly even another loan or form of finance such as a remortgage.

It is not usually an every day occurrance being forced to deal with such options of financial relief, however, it is important that you do not allow any individual or company to push you into any debt consolidation agreement without you being fully aware and educated on how you will benefit and in what way your chosen debt solution could affect you.

Debt support services exist all around the UK, some charge the clients fees directly for the service they provide and some charge the clients creditors for the work they do on the clients behalf.

  • These companies trade as charitable organisations and guise themselves as free debt support services.

 A good debt support service will have the clients best interest at heart and by managing the financial problems in a structured manner, the client usually feels relief from the pressure within days of joining the support service.

When a not so reputable debt support company starts to manage a clients finances, the client does not actually get to find out that the service is less than standard until it is too late and the debts are usually in a further mess than they were previously.

Be warned that anyone in personal debt is classed by the Office of Fair Trading as a vulnerable consumer, this means you are at risk of other people or traders / companies taking advantage of your current financial circumstances. People will lie to you even when it is to do with something so serious as personal debt support.

Most people that call our free from a landline personal debt helpline for debt support, struggle to find a way that enables them to pay bills when they can afford to pay them and the amount that they can afford to pay.

If you set a budget each month that you stick to, this can be the first step to financial freedom, you may not have all the things that you wanted that month but you will certainly not have a credit card bill for items that you most problaby never needed. Not all personal debt is built up from what we call “retail therapy” but you would be surprised at how much is.

When you have decided that you need to obtain confidential support regarding your financial situation, please call our helpline without delay, often the sooner you sort and solve a debt problem, the easier it actually is to manage.

Call Lewis Alexander free using 0800 018 6868, lines are open 24 hours / 7 days a week and your call is free!

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Find us on Google+