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On May 19, 2011, in News, by Lewis Alexander

free credit report UK from ExperianPersonal debt advice that will help you start to clear your debts!

Anyone who has had personal debts will know that trying to find honest and impartial national debt help that isn’t guiding you down an self interested road is often more difficult than you would imagine.

  • There are though, a lot of free resources to help people clear debt in the UK.
  • There are those that most people initially think of like the Citizens Advice Bureau or Accountancy firms for example.

Online however, there are lots of resources that perhaps people would not previously have had access to such as the managing debt section of the directgov website or the FSA website or the “In Debt” pdf available from the Insolvency Service.

  • We can give you the benefit of our experience today!
  • Confidential advice about ways to deal with personal debt in the UK!
  • All the options explained clearly and precisely!

Whether you understand the meaning of some of the terms used by some debt management companies or not, we will make sure you have a full grasp of everything before you commence anything. Our personal debt advice is both informative and confidential and gives you the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision about your financial future.

The following are some typical questions we get asked by clients when they call,

  • I’ve heard about the cycle of debt. What is it?
  • I’ve already been refused a loan, will that stop me consolidating my debts?
  • I am struggling with debt and I am a single parent. Can you help me?
  • I am disabled and am in serious debt. I am struggling to make ends meet on my income
  • I don’t know what to do first, can you give me some basic debt information?

Try not to forget that you are not alone and you certainly are not the first person to struggle with debt. We are confident that we can reduce a lot of the stress and we know have devised a personal strategy for a lot of our clients. Getting rid of the worry about how to clear debts alone is often the biggest part for a lot of people in debt and many of our past clients make a point of telling us this.

Personal Debt Help


Take control of your own future right now by contacting one of our trained advisors who will guide you and advise you through every step of any debt recovery process you might embark on, whether it is a simple debt consolidation loan, an IVA or even a debt management plan.

By calling Lewis Alexnader on 0800 018 6868 you can talk to one of our fully trained advisors in total confidence. People who have obtained UK debt advice have improved their lives by sorting out their debt problems in the long term.

Benefit from our fast, efficient and no nonsense approach to helping people in debt and our excellent working relationship with all the main UK creditors and lenders. We are simply people dedicated to getting you back to financial health if you are confused by debt.

  • Debt advice is available to all.
  • Let us help you get your finances in order and get you on the road to being clear of debt.
  • The sooner you decide to get help, the sooner you will be clear of debt.

Obtain confidential debt advice UK today by calling us free from a land line using 0800 0186 868.

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