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On April 26, 2011, in News, by Lewis Alexander

Need to get help with your personal debts?

free credit report UK from ExperianWith the right financial guidance and debt help you can free up more of your available money to work harder for you.

Are you constantly having to count up what you’ve spent and working out what you can afford to spend because you are not left with much money after all your bills are paid each month?

We offer debt advice to people in this position as well as those who are already struggling with overwhelming debts. We are determined to help as many people out of debt as we possibly can using our years of experience and our skills as debt management consultants.

  • Do you lie in bed at night worrying about your bills?
  • Do you constantly have to work out what you can afford?
  • Are you only managing to pay the minimum payments on credit cards?

These are very common aspects of being in debt.  The first thing to remember is not to panic!

  • Why don’t you charge for your personal debt helpline?

We do not charge for our personal debt helpline or the advice available on it because we believe that advice about debt should be honest and readily available without charge. People need someone to discuss the ways out of debt with then before obtaining the help to achieve that goal.

Find out more about how we operate as debt consultants.

  • What options would I have to help me clear my debts?

We specialise in helping people get out of debt. We do not use quick fixes! We analyse your personal situation and then make recommendations based on our discussions. These recommendations are designed to help you get out of debt!

  • We can build a personal debt management plan for you which will reorganise your finances.
  • We could arrange for a debt consolidation loan to save you interest and charges. (subject to status)
  • We can advise about or help you set up an IVA if you need something more formal to help clear your debts

Are there any groups of people that you cannot help?

We do not generalise when it comes to helping people with debt. We have helped all kinds of people from all walks of life, from single parents to people in the armed forces and even helped people refused loans to clear debts.

Call free from a landline today using 0800 018 6868

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