Basic Bank Accounts - Refused a Bank Account

  • This section of our website provides information on UK Basic Bank Accounts.
  • If you have been refused a bank account and/or have a poor credit history, this page can help consumers with regards to information on how to open a basic bank account, if possible. See below for more information.

Have you been refused a bank account from the high street?

Lewis Alexander is proud to have a strong national working relationship with the main UK high street banks. We pass the benefit of our well built reputation onto our clients whose circumstances allow them eligibility for a basic UK current account with no lending facility.Basic bank accounts

Why do I need a basic bank account?

Have you been refused a current bank account? A basic bank account may be more suitable.

  • A basic bank account allows you to have your wages, benefits, pensions etc paid into your basic account. It costs nothing to pay cheques into although you will have to wait a few days for the funds to be available in a basic account. You can withdraw money at cash machines where there may be charges applied.
  • A basic bank account allows you to pay bills by direct debit, you can save money on bills paying by direct debit.

How much money do I need to start an account?

Most banks don't require you to put in any money to open a basic bank account although some do ask that you deposit one pound to get you started. However, once you’ve started the account, you don’t have to keep paying money in regularly.

Do basic bank accounts cost money?

You will not usually be charged for opening a basic bank account but monthly administration charges may apply.

Most withdrawals from cash machines are free, but you should check this when you initially open the account. There are some cash machines that may charge for withdrawing money but these do not tend to be ones belonging to a bank or building society.

  • If it is a cash machine that charges, a warning on the screen should tell you that a charge will be made and ask if you want to continue.

All banks make a charge for some of their services, if a bank refuses a direct debit or standing order, they can charge. Check to see how the particular bank that you choose makes charges for services offered.

Can I be refused a basic bank account?

Basic bank accounts should be available to almost everybody although the bank may carry out a credit check to see if you have outstanding county court judgements or have been made bankrupt.

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