Reclaim Bank Charges - Bank Charge Claim

If you have been considering reclaiming bank charges, you can actually check your bank statements yourself.

  • When did you last get anything for FREE?

You should be very careful when approaching or approached by companies that claim to be able to reclaim your bank charges for FREE.

Most companies that reclaim bank charges are only looking at the information you give to them in the first place.

  • Such as your personal bank statements!
  • (Simple but private!)

You can see for yourself if you have any charges dating back to the date you wish to check back to.

Then you can work out how much you are entitled to without any other company taking a possible 25% cut in the middle!

  • Please be aware that reclaiming bank charges is NOT a final solution to dealing with personal debt problems.

Obtain help or advice about personal debt issues by contacting our debt helpline in total confidence using 0800 018 6868.

Our lines are open 24 hours and your call is FREE from a landline.

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