Credit Ratings

  • This section of the website contains information on credit ratings - how to obtain and also provides help on how to repair your credit rating.
  • Whenever you apply for credit, lenders will routinely run a credit reference search by contacting the major credit reference agencies, who hold your personal credit information on file.

How did I manage to get a bad credit rating?

If you have ever had trouble getting a credit card, loan, mortgage or even car finance, a bad credit rating could be one of the main reasons you might get turned down. Even opening a normal bank account could be difficult.

If you've ever been bankrupt, had a county court judgement, defaulted on a previous loan payment or missed a credit card payment you will will more than likely have a bad credit history.

Is there a credit blacklist?

Many people believe that there is a credit blacklist, on which everyone with a poor credit history resides and lenders use this to deny credit applications. This is not true!

Is there any way I can clear a bad credit rating?

If you've had a loan refused or been turned down for a debt consolidation loan or other credit, a poor credit rating could be the reason.

You should obtain a copy of your credit history by contacting one of the UK's credit reference agencies. Please read the My Credit Report page for more information.

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