Repair credit rating - Clean my credit history

Are looking for credit repair advice?

  • You should be very careful if approached by debt companies that make claims to be able to wipe clean your credit history.
  • Most people are only able to repair their own credit rating over time by paying accounts when due.
  • You do not need to pay for credit repair services and certainly not for credit repair advice.
  • Advice is available about the contents of your credit file, use CreditExpert from Experian.
  • Personal advice is also available on how to clear personal debt and how to make applications for further credit if you have a bad credit history or score.

You can also obtain help and advice or information from Experian regarding

You can also call our debt helpline using 0800 018 6868 if you require help to clear debts

  • You must not lie to a court if contacting them about County Court Judgments.

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