Creditor Threats

  • Letters and calls from your creditors, both at home and work, are very difficult to deal with and place enormous stress on a person already struggling to deal with their debts. Why continue to cope with the stress and hassle of constant calls from creditors or their respective collectors?
  • Creditor calls are one of the main reasons people in debt decide to take action and clear debts for good!
  • Lewis Alexander is a professional debt management company with a proven track record of helping people in debt to assess, restructure and better manage their personal debts. One result of this is that the threatening letters from creditors do cease and you will effectively be in control again.
  • If the letters being posted through your letter box are getting you down, give Lewis Alexander the opportunity to help by contacting our debt helpline today. Our friendly and fully trained advisors are ready to listen and then advise you of your best options. Today could be the day you find a personal debt solution that helps you for the better, so don't wait any longer. Call us right now using 0800 018 6868 or fill in our contact form.

Do I Need Help?

  • Creditor phone calls at home and at work from debt collection companies?
  • Letters from creditors and collectors demanding immediate payments?
  • Are you worried about what debt collection letter is going to drop through your mail box each day?
  • Are you having sleepless nights worrying about these letters?

If you find yourself constantly opening demanding letters from your creditors you may be feeling pressured or stressed about your current financial situation or personal debt problems.

Payment demands, final demands and letters threatening some kind of legal action such as court actions or visits from bailiffs are all designed to make you feel uncomfortable and hopefully make you pay more of the money you owe that particular creditor. They can often make you prioritise in the wrong manner by paying credit cards before rent or mortgages are due.

Calls at Work?

Letters and calls demanding payment are not only directed to your home, they can sometimes be directed at your place of work and if you are in a job where the employer may not react positively to your predicament, these letters or calls could start to affect your work life too.

If you want to set yourself on a path of recovery from personal debt and it's associated stresses then getting a professional debt management company to advise you of the best practices and methods designed to help lift you out of debt is the best way to achieve this.

  • To find out more contact Lewis Alexander online or call us on 0800 018 6868 right now!
  • Don't wait another minute, we may be able to end the stress and worry created by personal debts today!

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