County Court Judgement - CCJ - CCJ's

"At some point in our lives, we all struggle with our finances, sometimes resulting in a CCJ."

How did I get a CCJ?


CCJ's and defaults are registered on your credit file against you for the following 2 main reasons.

  • 1: If you are late or fail to repay any unsecured debts
  • 2: If you ignore debt collection requests

Your original creditor or lender will pass any account that remains unpaid to a debt collector of their choice. These collectors are usually working for the lender on a number of cases.

There are laws and guidelines that creditors must follow to compliantly recover the funds outstanding from you.

Because of your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Consumer Credit Act 1974, it is possible for you to check your credit file yourself by contacting credit agencies, who, for a fee of just a few pounds, will give you details of all your credit details. The two main credit reference agencies are Experian and Equifax.

Does a CCJ have long term effects?

A default is registered prior to any debt collection company being notified and then the collection company steps in to recover the defaulted funds.

If you fail to make an arrangement with either the creditor or respective debt collector, you can be forced into a court action which can then result in a County Court Judgement or CCJ being registered against your credit file.

This CCJ is then available for other lenders to see prior to agreeing to lend you any more money. A CCJ will show up on future credit checks. You will find that in most cases a CCJ or default can and will prevent an individual from obtaining further credit. We offer debt help and advice daily to people with defaults or a CCJ.

A CCJ or default will remain on your credit file for a period of 6 years and can have serious detrimental affects on you obtaining credit at an affordable repayment rate.

What can I do about a CCJ being held on my credit file?

There are ways to return your credit rating to pre CCJ status.

A CCJ can be legally removed from your credit records in just a few short days or weeks if incorrectly lodged, enabling you to secure the loans or goods you need.

If you would like advice regarding a CCJ then call our debt helpline now on 0800 018 6868

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and your call is free from a landline.

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