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Do I have any rights when it comes to debt collection?

  • With regard to debt collection help you do have rights but remember you are also bound by terms and conditions of business set out by your particular creditors at point of sale of your finance / credit agreement.

Why does it feel like I'm being bullied by debt collectors?

  • With regards to phone calls from creditors and credit collection agents, they are training their staff every day to get as much money in as possible. This process can not always be a pleasant one, they do not know you, have never met you, nor are they likely to. In fact, you mean nothing to them, possibly a bonus if they get some money from you over the phone!

What can I do about my collections situation?

  • Debt collection advice is available from personal debt consultants who can assess your current situation and then advise you. Whatever you decide, DO NOT pay for debt advice or debt collection help!

  • It is important that you understand that credit companies are businesses that are reporting outstanding profits year after year. This is due to people just like you, borrowing money that one day has to be paid back. The rates of interest and periods of contracts are worked out well in advance of the banks and credit companies launching their products for sale.

What can be done about rogue debt collectors?

  • The Office of Fair Trading has recently adopted a tough new approach to rogue debt collectors, describing it as much needed and long overdue action to protect vulnerable people in debt.

Citizens Advice - Head of social policy - Teresa Perchard said;

“In our experience unfair and heavy-handed debt collection practices are the most persistent and most damaging area of malpractice in the consumer credit field. The regularity with which they occur and the human suffering they cause are difficult to overstate. These practices are not confined to small collection companies, but are widespread throughout the credit industry." “All too often, vulnerable people on very low incomes with problem debts face a barrage of threats designed to bully, frighten and intimidate. Incessant letters, phone calls and sometimes visits are all designed to persuade borrowers to prioritise a particular account over and above everything else. This does nothing to encourage a sensible resolution of multiple debt problems and often leads to further borrowing and an increase in indebtedness."

  • The OFT warns any debt collectors ignoring debt collection guidance, that they discover using dishonest tactics and harassment, certainly risk losing their licence.

If you are receiving letters and calls from credit card or loan and debt collection companies, you can call our debt helpline in confidence or read about debt management online, we have proven methods of helpling people who have problems with debt collectors and their agents.

  • Call 0800 018 6868 today, lines are open 24 hours / 7 days and your call is usually FREE from a landline.

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