Legal Proceedings - Personal Debt

  • Is a creditor threatening legal action?
  • Are you afraid or unaware of what to do next?
  • Are you unsure how this will affect you?

If you answer YES to any of the above, then please read the information below about legal proceedings regarding personal debts in the UK.

County Court Judgement or Claim

You will have the opportunity to either accept or deny the claim or debt. You can also make an offer of payment. Once received your creditor will apply to the court for a county court judgment. If you choose not to reply, the court judgment will give judgment automatically upon our request.

The following are just 2 reasons why a CCJ or default notice is registered on your credit file;

  • 1) If you fail or are late in repaying any unsecured credit agreements
  • 2) If you ignore debt collectors or their agents requests.

Your original creditor will then issue any account that remains unpaid to an internal or external debt collection company.

This will affect your ability to obtain future credit.

Enforcement Proceedings

If you do not pay the amount stated in the judgment order, enforcement proceedings may be issued against you for the recovery of that sum. This could take the form of one of the following:

  • WARRANT OF EXECUTION - This could result in the seizure of goods from your property to the value of the warrant by a County Court Bailiff or High Court Sheriff.
  • ATTACHMENT OF EARNINGS - If you are in paid employment, a Court order may be obtained that your employer pays your creditor directly the money that you owe.
  • CHARGE ON YOUR PROPERTY - The charging order will give your creditor an interest in your property. This will be registered with the land registry and this will affect your ability to sell or dispose of your property, as any searches done on the property will show that your creditor has an interest in your property. The debt would have to be settled before any sale or disposal takes place. If you do not pay at this stage, and the creditor has still been unable to agree a suitable arrangement for repayment with you, they may take further enforcement action against you regarding the charging order.

If you need assistance dealing with personal debt and further advice about legal debt collection proceedings call 0800 018 6868 in total confidence.

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