Bereavement and Debt - Debts after a Death

This section of our website deals with debt and death - debts from a death or bereavement.

  • There are many different issues associated with personal debt and death. You may have lost your partner or even a dependant.
  • There are laws regarding credit card debts and the deceased which you can obtain advice on from a solicitor or chartered accountant.
  • You should not trust any un-qualified individual when trying to sort out a deceased persons finances.
  • If you need a contact for this or simply wish to ask for relevant information regarding your circumstance then please contact us on 0800 018 6868

We help people with all different types of personal debt issues ranging from credit card debt to divorce and redundancy.

Submit your details or call our debt helpline now and one of our trained debt advisors will call you back at your convenience.

  • This is a confidential service and your call is usually FREE from a landline.

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