Disability Debt - Disabled on DLA with Debts

  • In Debt, disabled and living on DLA? Lewis Alexander will help and advise you.

In this section of the website we provide debt Help for the Disabled and those on Disability Living Allowance. We can help with all different aspects of personal debt from IVA advice to or even Debt Management and help if refused loans. Call us on 0800 018 6868, stop your worrying, start dialling!

Because many disabled people have to live on a low income due to their disability, debt is a very real and daily concern. Disability Living Allowance or DLA is available to people who qualify, however, this does not necessarily improve their mobility and care as the DLA was intended to provide. More often than not, disabled people use the money to pay bills or make repayments against debts.

Disability and the cycle of debt

  • Financial difficulties and debt are often neglected when a family has to start dealing with the onset of disability. This can lead to long term debt problems for both the disabled person and also their carers.
  • The disability can cause a major drop in income as well as a major increase in expenses because of the disability itself.
  • Disabled people often have to move into more accessible accommodation or perhaps have to alter their existing accommodation to suit them better.

Debt and your health

  • Many disabled people with debt say that their mental and physical health deteriorates as a direct result of dealing with the debts themselves and made actually getting out of debt that much more difficult. A disabled persons health can be directly affected by the anxiety and stress debt can create and does often deteriorate into depression.
  • For those already suffering mental problems, this can become a very serious issue. If a person’s health deteriorates the chances of getting out of debt through employment are a lot less likely.
  • Getting independent debt advice is proven to increase the likelihood of stopping the problem getting worse and many disabled people often say it was a huge weight off their shoulders turning their lives around almost overnight.

Creditors and debt collection

  • The approach that creditors adopt when dealing with disabled people with debt problems is not always the best and this alone can have a detrimental impact on a disabled persons life. This not only causes more health problems, but obviously it reduces the chances of them actually resolving the debt problem they find themselves in.
  • An understanding of the effects debt has on someone living with a disability is sadly often missing with some creditors, even if they are trying to be sympathetic and accommodating towards people with a disability. Unfortunately, this fact alone can make the entire problem worse.
  • At Lewis Alexander Ltd we understand the process of debt collection and how it impacts the lives of disabled people. We will listen carefully to your situation and will tailor a solution for you to start getting out of debt. The first step is to contact us today and let us offer you debt consolidation help…guess what, it’s free to call us too from a landline.

We also provide advice for disabled people who have been refused loans to consolidate debts in England, Scotland andWhat our Clients Say Wales.

Call our debt helpline now on 0800 018 6868

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