Divorce and Debt - Divorced or split from partner

  • Debts from a Separation, Split from Partner or Divorce, Need Debt help?

Many couples experience financial difficulties due to separation, especially where only one party, usually the man, works full time.

This means consideration is going to have to be given to obtaining work, Benefits and Financial Orders from the Court to secure income and housing.

It is difficult to generalise as each divorce or separation is different, as are each couples financial circumstances.

Is there any financial help available for divorcees?

Lewis Alexander can help you with IVA advice, Personal Debt help, Debt Collection information etc.

  • Are you asking any of these questions?
  • Is my divorce debt starting to affect my dependants?
  • What can I do? Is there any way I can stop the divorce debt ending in bankruptcy?
  • Would consolidating my divorce debt be a positive thing to do or not?
  • I need debt consolidation help help to sort out my bank accounts and credit card debts now I'm divorced!
  • How do we share the divorce debt? 

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