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Struggling to pay off or clear credit card debts?Credit card debt

Our credit card debt services help people manage!

  • Trying to pay off or clear personal credit card debts but refused further loans or borrowings?
  • Are you struggling with or unable to manage paying off multiple store card or credit card debt repayments?
  • We can offer you credit card debt advice and personal debt help today!


A large percentage of people in the United Kingdom are using their credit cards to sustain their lifestyles.

This is not only from excessive spending but also to fund changes in personal circumstances.

Credit cards should be paid off and used as a payment facility, not as a substitute for unavailable funds. It is important to manage your finances correctly otherwise you might find yourself in debt.

Credit cards can be used to pay for goods in shops and online. People find it is a lot easier to carry a credit card and perhaps feel safer than carrying cash.

Using credit cards and store cards to make purchases?

  • It is important not get into a cycle of debt.  It is easy to buy something with a credit card but the hardest part is to pay for it. A lot of people get into credit card debt by servicing only the minimum payments on credit cards and store cards.
  • Servicing the account is a term which we use within our industry to explain making minimum payments on credit card debt. By making a minimum payment on a credit card you are just servicing / paying the interest and the account balance is hovering or increasing. Not reducing! This can add extra pressure to your lifestyle as you have a responsibility to pay it off. It is usually when people have a change in circumstances that they find it hard to repay the minimum payment and struggle to pay off credit card debt.  Struggling on paying minimum payments will not help to clear credit card debts.

Help to clear Credit Card Debts

By maintaining the minimum payments only, you are servicing the interest and are unlikely to reduce the balance unless you can afford to pay off more than the minimum required!

Transferring balances is an option available from credit card companies. This means you can take a credit card and transfer your old balance onto a new card with a rate of usually 0%. That means that no interest will be added to the account for a period of time, usually six months.

  • This is only a way of deferring the problem for that period of time as interest will be added after and you are still legally bound to pay off the debt.
  • If you are to use a credit card, try to use it as a facility instead of unavailable cash and that way you should stay out of the cycle of debt.  Debt management can help to consolidate credit card debts.  An IVA can also clear store and credit card debts without the need for another loan.

Contact us today uisng 0800 018 6868 for personal debt management help and advice regarding credit or store card debt problems. Our debt advisory service operates with your strictest confidence in mind.

  • Paying off credit card debt is not easy to do without debt consolidation help or assistance if you are already struggling!

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