Identify Theft

  • Has someone stolen your identity?Identity Theft
  • How would you know if you are being impersonated?
  • What can a victim of identity theft do?
  • What is the law regarding identity theft?

Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK.

More than 100,000 people are affected by it each year at a cost of more than £1.3 billion to the British economy.

  • Amazingly, identity theft is not a crime! Identity theft only becomes a crime when a stolen identity is used to obtain goods or services by deception.
  • Identity theft is distressing for the victim and time-consuming to sort out once discovered.

What is identity theft?

  • Thieves steal your personal information.
  • They look for bank statements and other personal papers.
  • They contact you for information and claim to be from a legitimate source.
  • Thieves apply for loans and other items of credit in your name which affects your credit if they are unpaid.
  • You will not usually find out about your identity being stolen for some time until a credit company contacts you demanding payment for credit you are not aware of taking out.

Identity theft insurance

  • Insurance companies offer identity theft insurance. This is not worth paying for because most of the things you need to do can be done by you in any event of your identity being stolen.
  • If you have been a victim of identity theft you should report the crime to the police.
  • Contact any lenders who may have fallen victim to the thieves.
  • You can add a Notice of Correction to your credit file.

Can I protect my identity?

  • Check statements properly and Protect passwords
  • Destroy statements you are discarding and be careful who you pass your personal details onto. If you live in a property where others could access your belongings or private papers, keep things safe!
  • Check your credit report after moving house as there is a higher possibility that your post may have gone astray.

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