Unenforceable Credit Agreements - Unfair Credit

Some credit agreements are technically unenforceable with regard to UK consumer credit law!Unenforceable credit agreements

How to check if yours is one of them!

  • If you find a possible reason to justify your agreement being unenforceable it is known in some cases as a "loophole" or "technicality".
  • A credit agreement in the United Kingdom can only be enforced if it complies with the terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, (CCA 1974).
  • Any UK credit agreement can be unenforceable if it fails to comply with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and this actually incorporates both secured and unsecured lending.

Here are just a number of possible reasons that may make YOUR credit agreement unenforceable;

  • There is no interest rate
  • General details missing such as the number of instalments, due dates, amounts due or amount of credit
  • There is no signature present on the credit agreement.

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Unenforceable credit agreements are advertised by companies trying to wipe off your debt! If only these advertised quotes were as easy to provide and action as they are to write!

BE WARY of internet and television advertisements making promises that your unenforceable credit agreement can be written off and in turn for this, all they want off you is around £300-£500 to get a solicitor to check your original agreements.

Are these companies offering you any guarantee and are you wise to part with any money that you struggle so hard to find?  These companies are also preying on the vulnerable consumer (possibly being YOU) and helping themselves primarily.

  • If you are suffering from personal debt problems, the last thing you can afford to do is to pay a company on the basis of chance, that they may be able to help you magically write off a debt!
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