Administration Orders

  • If you are in financial difficulties and you are unable to pay your creditors an administration order may offer you the debt help you may need.
  • An administration order allows you to pay a sum that you can afford into a county court each month to cover all your unsecured debts.

In some circumstances the court may make an order for you to pay less than the total you owe, a composition order. This may be appropriate if it is fact that you will not be able to clear your debts in full within a reasonable period of time, say 3 years.

  • You may ask the court to consider this but the final decision is for the court to make.

The courts will charge you approx 10% of your monthly repayment to distribute the funds to your creditors if the order is made.

Do I qualify for an administration order?

  • You must have two or more outstanding items of personal debt.
  • One of your debts must be a High Court or County Court Judgement.
  • Total debts on your list of creditors must not exceed £5000.

If you satisfy these requirements, you may qualify for an administration order. If you do not qualify or think you may qualify but need further advice, please contact us free using 0800 018 6868 or request a call back online.

Administration orders are not the only way to clear debt under £5000, you could consider a Debt Management Plan.

  • Call today to discuss your options, we help many people just like you!

We can help if you have been refused loans, on DLA and benefits or simply just need debt consolidation help to manage.

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