Financial Healthcheck | Check my Financial Health

  • Do you need a Financial Healthcheck?
  • Do you know what a Financial Healthcheck is?

Our trained advisors can offer you a financial healthcheck that will asses your current financial health!

Get a FINANCIAL HEALTHCHECK today! If you are struggling with credit cards & loans, store cards, overdrafts & other personal credit agreements, Lewis Alexander will be able to offer you advice based on your current circumstances.

  • Your financial health can be identified by obtaining details of your personal income and expenditure. Then our advisors can identify what solution or help is best for you.
  • Our debt consolidation help and advice available is often the starting point for people that contact us to start to put a plan together to clear personal debt.
  • Debt does not clear over night & you should be committed to the time it will take based on your current circumstances.
  • For your financial healthcheck, call Lewis Alexander free using 0800 018 6868

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