Bad Credit Loans

  • What's your score? 125x125Bad credit loans are heavily advertised online, in the newspapers / magazines and also on television.
  • Have you been refused for a bad credit loan or still trying to find out if they actually exist?

These bad credit loans carry very high interest rates and do not come at an affordable rate for the people that tend to be applying for them.

The companies offering the bad credit loans are very aware, just how vulnerable most of the consumers are that approach them for this type of lending or credit.

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Be very careful before taking what is called a bad credit loan, most are unsecured and are short term loans that need repaying by your next payday or on a weekly basis. Loan companies that specialise in helping people who have been refused bad credit loans have cut down on their lending as most customers are unable to repay them!

  • For further information on bad credit loans, or if you need personal debt consolidation help for financial problems that are causing you to require a bad credit loan, please call our debt helpline in confidence using 0800 018 6868

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