Loan refused - Been refused personal credit loans

  • Refused a LoanRefused Loans?
  • Need ONE affordable monthly repayment, without more debt?
  • Unable to meet your credit card and loan repayments?
  • Ignoring your mail and telephone calls?
  • Refused a loan to clear personal debts?

You may have been refused credit due to late or missed payments on existing credit cards or loans. Lewis Alexander offers a debt advice and debt help service for all UK residents who have been refused loans and credit.

Do not call high rate phone numbers for debt advice or loans when Lewis Alexander offers a debt advice and debt helpline for all UK residents refused credit. Call free from a land line today for friendly and confidential debt consolidation help and advice tailored to your situation. (Calls charges to our debt helpline from mobile phones may not be free, please check costs of calling 0800 numbers with your service provider).

  • We have vast experience in helping people with a range of debt problems, for example; county court judgments, mortgage arrears, divorce, defaults, etc. We can help find you a competitive loan or debt solution if you are self-employed and even if you have limited (or no) accounts to help with personal or business debt.
  • Lewis Alexander can help you to consolidate all of your unsecured debts into ONE, low affordable monthly repayment whether you live in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. Call us now on 0800 018 6868, our lines are open and your call is free!


Your Credit Rating

If you've had a loan refused or been turned down for a debt consolidation loan or bad credit loan and do not know why then you should check your credit rating. To find out more please read our credit rating page.

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