Personal Debt Helpline - Got Debts?

  • Call our personal debt helpline and do NOT call premium rate helplines for personal debt help!

Debt Helpline

(24hrs) 0800 018 6868 (7days)
  • Call our personal debt helpline 24 hours, FREE from landlines!
  • Our personal debt helpline is open to UK consumers over 18 in need of personal debt help. Our initial advice is free, any ongoing services then become chargeable.

Why you should call us?

We have a tested way of dealing with people who call our personal debt helpline that allows us to establish what the cause of the current situation is and then advise how to embark on a plan to solve the credit problems.

This can usually take about five minutes but can be longer for more complicated cases.

Will a charge for your debt helpline appear on my bill?

  • From UK land lines your call is usually FREE - Mobile call costs from mobile networks are charged differently and may vary, you must check the cost with your network provider before you call our (free from a landline) personal debt helpline from a mobile.
  • Many people pay companies £50 to search for loans or call a high rate premium helpline for assistance, are these companies really helping YOU?

Our personal debt helpline is a good starting point for people who wish to clear debt problems and who are committed to ending the stress and worries that debt collection companies and collection agents create.

By calling our personal debt helpline you will be advised on personal debt solutions we believe are right for you to investigate further or are correct for you to enter into immediately.

  • Why not try our 2 minute debt solution finder / debt test? It can tell you based on the information you enter if you qualify for any debt solutions before you have to speak with anyone!
  • Our personal debt test delivers realtime results!

For assistance regarding personal financial problems, call our personal debt helpline today 0800 018 6868

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