Business Debt Help and Advice

  • Business debt help in the UK - help with business debts and company debt

Many businesses run into financial difficulties.

  • The good news is that however big or small the problem, there is plenty of good advice to be found!

Whether you are having trouble paying suppliers, or you have received a county court claim, there will be an organisation that can offer you corporate debt help.

  • Government agencies, solicitors, accountants and debt counsellors are well able to offer valuable advice on dealing with debt.
  • When your customers do not pay invoices by due dates it can make things difficult for you and your business. Late or non-payment causes cash flow problems and if not handled correctly may see your business collapse.
  • Charges on late payment and claiming debt collection costs are possible legal remedies against overdue payments from customers.
  • A debt collection company can provide you with all the information and help you need to recover your outstanding invoices and payments.

With business debt, it is most important to remember that if you are lucky enough to escape a CVA or Company Arrangement, you should try and manage the businesses financial affairs in a more strategic and organised manner when moving ahead.

If a budget plan is kept to, financial problems and business debt is often not a concern to most business directors.

For further assistance in dealing with Business Administration, Liquidations, Company Voluntary Arrangements, Sole-Trader Insolvency or IVA and Coporate Partnership Solutions, submit your details or call our debt helpline now and one of our trained advisors will call you back at your convenience.

  • This is a confidential service.

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