What will it cost me?

  • At Lewis Alexander, we believe in debt reduction, not just the management of an individuals debt.

This means hard work on our side making sure that your interest & charges are kept to a minimum, if not frozen & stopped. At Lewis Alexander we make no secret of the fact that we do charge a monthly fee for our services.


Our Fees Compared to Other Debt Management Companies

  • Most fee charging debt management companies charge clients a percentage of their monthly repayment, this is after keeping the 1st or sometimes both the 1st & 2nd payments in full.
  • When a client tries to pay more each month, they find that the debt management company they are using, can take more of their money before distributing it to their creditors.
  • This is not the case at Lewis Alexander as we charge a SET & CAPPED monthly fee!

Lewis Alexander Financial Management can help you pay off debt through one affordable monthly repayment and we will attempt to freeze the interest and charges that are being applied to your store and credit cards.

There are no guarantees that interest and charges can be frozen through a debt management plan. Any debt management company making such a claim should be asked to clarify if they are advising you on or about an IVA, or a debt management plan.

Debt help can be costly if you choose the wrong advice.

  • This is why Lewis Alexander offer a debt helpline.
  • Do not pay for debt consolidation help or debt management help.

We will give you tailored debt consolidation advice based on your personal situation.

  • We distribute your funds to your creditors from payment ONE!
  • The amount you pay each month is set by your disposable income which is arrived at by deducting your total expenditure from your total income.


We take our ongoing fees (as listed below) out of your monthly payments. These are for distributing the funds to your creditors, dealing with your letters from your creditors and dealing with you also on a monthly basis.

The following debt management plan charges allow us to work for YOU with YOUR interests at the heart of everything we do and are explained and agreed upon before we start any work.

  • For debt management payments of £100-£249 we charge £35 (included within your monthly payment)
  • For debt management payments of £250-£349 we charge £50 (included within your monthly payment)
  • For debt management payments of £350 +       we charge £65 (included within your monthly payment)

Debt help and debt advice should be good value. If you are charged for debt consolidation advice on high rate phone lines stop and think! These companies are not helping you!

Free to client Debt Charities

A debt charity or free debt service will not always offer to deal with your creditors for you, they sometimes only advise you on how to deal directly with your lenders which is known as self debt management.

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