Debt Cycle - End my Personal Debt

The Cycle of Debt in the UK is a growing problem! - Trapped in debt and need help to end it?

  • The cycle of debt is a process that an individual goes through from the point of taking that very first loan or credit card, in fact, from the start of the borrowing, probably at the age of 18. It can be hard to bring and end to the cycle of personal debt.
  • Lewis Alexander has found that when an individual first borrows money, it is usually from their own bank in the form of an overdraft.
  • The overdraft then becomes apart of a portfolio of credit cards and store cards, personal debt that grew without the individual being aware of them mounting.
  • The banks then usually offer a managed loan that people do not always use to pay off or consolidate their multiple debts.  Then again build up more on the now clear accounts. This then adds a big loan to the portfolio and the situation goes on.
  • Once you have started to use credit facilities for buying products, you can safely say you will soon be in the cycle of debt if you are subject to a change in personal circumstance.
  • This is not the case if you use the credit correctly and budget for expenditure on a monthly basis.
  • Most people do not.
  • This is why the credit becomes a problem. Not only does the individual owe the minimum payments on credit cards, loans and overdrafts but they also have usually spent the money they had in their bank account on other items of household expenditure.
  • This is the case of double spending on a monthly basis.
  • It can not be sustained unless you have plans to be paid twice for one months work!

When did that last happen to you?

Lack of understanding with regards to the credit industry is a common cause of the cycle of debt and most people in the cycle of debt do not understand that they can end it or break out of it as easily as they got into it.

When trying to end debt problems it is common for people to consider another loan, stop and think if another loan is what you need to end your personal debt problems!

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