Dependants in debt

  • There is help if your Dependants are in debt.
  • Are you being refused loans or credit facilities because of a partner or dependants credit rating?

It is not unusual for parents to be affected by their child's debt issues.

It is very much a growing problem and the following information and link can resolve the problem of being refused credit for no fault of your own.

You may even have debt collection proceedings being threatened at your address for another individual or family member.

Help is available, call us free from a landline for more advice.

Notice of Disassociation

You need to complete a Notice of Disassociation if you want your credit application to be viewed independently from another person whose information is included on your credit file.

If you can prove;

  • you have no active financial connection with another person (a third party) registered at your address;
  • and you do not want a lender to associate you with their information;

You can request a Notice of Disassociation to be lodged against or updated to your credit file.


  • This will then automatically filter out the third party information so lenders will no longer be able to see it.
  • The Notice of Disassociation is available from Experian.

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