Employed and in Debt

Struggling at work with personal debt?

This page deals with the affects debt has on you and your Job and how to get the debt help you may need.
  • Your performance at work can be severely affected by personal debt problems.
  • Your work life will benefit from an organised personal life, this starts with your finances.

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Will employers help?

  • Employers are often very sympathetic to their staffs personal debt problems and if approached can take a big worry away from you by helping with a possible loan deducted at source from future salary payments.
  • Other colleagues may well be experiencing the same personal debt problems. Debt can actually stop an individual going to work.
  • If the person has a negative disposable income or NDI, they may well feel that there is little point in turning up for work.
  • This is because what they will earn at the end of the month will not even cover the minimum or contractual payments required on their credit and store cards, loans and overdrafts etc.

Our trained debt counsellors are available to advise you now.

We are able to tailor a bespoke debt consolidation solution for you based on years of valuable experience.

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