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Need to find debt help in the UK? - If you are trying to find debt help and have been struggling to accept or come to terms with your current personal situation you can call our debt helpline in total confidence using 0800 018 6868.

Our lines are open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and your call is usually FREE from a landline!

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Not all debt companies charge fees and some class themselves as charitable organisations or charitable debt services. You should check first to find out which type of company you are dealing with and what they can offer you regarding your personal financial situation.

Find debt help in the UK with Lewis Alexander!

Specialist advisors are available to help you find debt solutions to clear debts and start to sort your financial situation today.

The longer you take to solve a debt problem the bigger it becomes, we specialise in helping people from all walks of life find debt help across the UK.

If you are struggling on with a personal debt problem it can seem as though you have the world on your shoulders. Just by talking with another person or a trained debt advisor can help you to find debt help that actually works and makes sense.

  • A problem shared is easier to deal with.

If credit card companies wanted to help you they would not continue to charge you interest that you cannot afford to repay.

This is how they make such fantastic profits each year at the customers expense. After all, it is only their interest that makes their product expensive!

  • Please contact us free using 0800 018 6868 to find debt help and advice in the UK.

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