Personal Debt Help and Advice to Clear Personal Debts

Personal debt help in the UK - If you need personal debt help or advice, the following links could help you!

  • Debt Management Plans - Allow you to clear debts without a loan or a CREDIT CHECK.
  • IVA - Clear debts in 60 months, a legally binding agreement.
  • Trust Deed - Scottish equivalent to the IVA with slight differences.
  • Debt Relief Orders - Clear debts under £15000 within approx 1 year. Conditions apply!
  • Debt Consolidation Loan - Pay one payment a month for one new loan.
  • Bankruptcy - The end of the financial line! - Dealt with by your local county court.

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  • The longer an individual leaves the personal debt problem that they may be facing, the bigger the problem usually becomes.
  • If faced head on, it can often seem to people that the problem is not as bad as they were originally anticipating.
  • When you take advice from an experienced debt advisor, you understand much more about your problem which in turn allows you to deal with it in a more structured way, leading to that day we all hope for when you will become clear of debt.
  • Personal debt help companies can be found all over the internet.  You should be careful which company you choose to take advice from and if you are unsure about any advice or personal debt help you have received then you should contact that company and discuss your query in further detail.
  • If you are not sure which type of help you need and are not very comfortable with the thought of speaking with a stranger about your problem, please remember it is our job and we understand personal financial problems and how they arise.
  • We work for you!
  • NOT your creditors!

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