Pregnant in debt - Expecting a baby

  • Expecting a baby?
  • Pregnant in debt?
  • Only have your current income to juggle payments with?
  • Not sure what to do about debt problems once you give birth?

Help and advice is available for ladies during pregnancy!

Do not struggle on with personal debt problems whilst pregnant!

  • Call our debt helpline today in total confidence using 0800 018 6868

It is often a very challenging  time for women to control their finances when their world is nearly upside down during a pregnancy.

Personal debt problems can and will be caused by the change in circumstance of a pregnancy.

Most women do not consider that having or expecting a baby will make a massive difference to their financial situation.

Once they are at the point of realisation, the debt or costs they have are usually out of control.

If you are pregnant or expecting a baby and are struggling to pay the minimum payments on your credit cards or loans, please contact one of our trained debt advisors today for debt consolidation help and advice.



  • Allow yourself the peace of mind that UK debt help is at hand should you need it.
  • Contact us today, free and in confidence using 0800 018 6868.
  • Calls are usually free from landlines, mobile  call costs may vary.

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