Advice about Free to Client Debt Services - Debt Charities

  • FREE to client debt charity or debt charities that offer a NO FEE service!
  • Are you Using a FREE debt charity or a free to client debt management company?
  • Well known credit companies fund some of the free debt charities or free debt service companies so they can offer a FREE or NO FEE service!
  • Others simply charge your creditors for the work they do!
  • Who are these charities or FREE services working for?

At Lewis Alexander, we make NO secret of the fact that we DO charge for our services.

  • These charges are for working for YOU
  • With YOUR interests at the heart of everything we do
  • They are transparent and not hidden

These charges are fully transparent and agreed with you before we start to contact your creditors.

With the increase in available credit in the UK, the number of debt management companies has also increased dramatically over recent years. Whilst most of these companies are professionals working entirely in the interests of their clients.

There are some who do not and as with anything in life, the consumer must remain aware!

Free debt services or debt charities / charitable organisations.

If a company doesn't charge for their debt management plan or service, there could only be one or two reasons why this could be.

    They are governmental i.e. Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB),
  • Or they are being funded by an individual or another organisation. That other party could well be the creditors you owe money to.
  • If you are currently with a free credit management service who doesn't charge you for their services, you have the right to ask them how they are funded.

A free debt charity will not always offer to deal with your creditors for you, they sometimes can only advise you on how to deal directly with your lenders which is known as self debt management.

  • A big selling point is that debt charities are FREE!

Free debt charities offer similiar debt plans to most other personal debt management companies, it is usually the credit card and loan companies that contribute funding to the main charitable debt organisations.

If you would like further information about how you could benefit from our chargeable debt management services or any other debt consolidation help or service we may offer, please contact us to discuss how can help you through any personal debt problems you may be facing.

Contact a Free to Client Debt Charity

1) National Debtline - Call 0808 808 4000

2) Payplan - Call 0800 280 2816

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