Debt Relief Order - DRO

The Debt Relief Order (DRO) came into force on April 6th 2009, throughout England & Wales.

The following information is an explanation of a Debt Relief Order.

To qualify a for a Debt Relief Order a debtor must:

  • Be unable to pay their debts
  • Have total unsecured liabilities / debts of no more than £20,000
  • Have total gross assets of less than £1000
  • Have a disposable income of less than £50 per month after household expenditure has been deducted
  • Not have been subject to a Debt Relief Order in the previous 6 years of an application
  • Not be subject to an IVA at the time of application for a Debt Relief Order
  • Be domiciled in England or Wales

DRO's or Debt Relief Orders are to be applied for online and an approved intermediary would be able to help an individual complete the application, it will cost approximately £90.

The £90 fee for a Debt Relief Order may be paid by instalment before actually applying for the order. The fee can be waived in certain financial hardship cases.

The Insolvency Service has an Insolvency Register. Your details will be available to the public on that register for 12 months whilst the debt relief order is in force and 3 months after. You can apply for certain restrictions to this if you or a family member could be a victim of violence.

The governments insolvency website has more detailed information debt relief orders or a DRO.

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